Imagine At The Wedding...

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You were getting married tomorrow to the love of your life, Jack. You loved Jack so much, that words couldn't describe. You went out with your 5 friends to celebrate the night before the big day.

You all went out to a club and started to dance. Niall, Harry, Louis, and Harry were all dancing with you and each other...and the occasional girl they found. But Liam was over by the bar, taking shots. As soon as you looked at him you got really worried because Liam doesn't drink. You walked over to him and took the shot out of his hand. "Liamm!!" You pleaded. "What?" He groaned. You were taken back because he is never like this. "You don't drink." You told him. "I do tonight babe." He said, picking up another shot. Okay...what was this? Liam doesn't call anyone babe. "What's wrong Li?" You asked him. "Don't get married." He begged. Huh? Don't. Get. Married? Okay, he's drunk.

You and the boys took Liam home and took care of him.


The day of your wedding came and you were wearing a silky white dress with the top cut low. Since it was an outdoor wedding, you looked around to see it Liam was there. He wasn't. "Louis!" You called. "Yes love? " he asked. "Where's Liam?" You asked him. "Home. Don't do this Y/N" he said. "Get married?" You asked. He nodded. "Why?"

"Liam loves you, can't you see?" As soon as Louis said those words, you ran off all the way to Liam's house. He better be happy, because that was 9 miles and you probably lost 10 freaking pounds doing it and would need a shower. You ignored the doorbell on the door and walked right in to find Liam watching tv. He looked up, a bit surprised. "I love you." You blurted. His eyes widened and he stood up. "Are you sure?" He asked, his hand caressing your cheek. You nodded. Liam crashed his lips against yours, creating a tingly feeling, one that you had with no one else.

The End <3


Okayyyt I updated twice today yayyy! I'll post more sometime soon. Promise!!!


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