Chapter 3

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"I will not babysit a Faddist woman!" Loki growled.

"Do not argue with me, Loki. I have given you a job. And its Thor also, not just you alone. Do what you are told," Odin says.

"I do not take order from you anymore 'father'," Loki spoke.

"Brother, try to reason. The Faddist needs help. From you and I. Remember when we fought Leviathans? You don't like them also. I don't like the idea of 'babysitting' either. But she needs our help," Thor said.

Loki groaned loudly and walked out the room.

Odin sighs and sits back on his throne.

"I am still ashamed of how Loki feels of me now," Odin spoke.

Thor sighs. "He will eventually get over it and understand how much we love him still," Thor spoke.

Thor went to his fathers side and asked, "Where did you find her?"

"She was in the palace yard. She was running from Leviathans that were trying to kill her in Faytum," Odin explained.

"She isn't a vexed Faddist?"

"We'll find that out soon, my son," Odin spoke.

Odin looked up at Thor.

"Were you with the mortal woman?" Odin asked.

Thor blinked and spoke with a sort of hesitation, "Her name is Jane."

"Yes?" "Yes, father. I was."

Odin didn't say anything after that.

"Would you think the Faddist would get along with her?"

"We will see about that," Odin replied.

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