They never showed up.

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Ashleys p.o.v

It's been a week and there's be no sign of the news team. It's only at this point we begin to realise that there's no way back. Not anymore. Maybe this was all a prank? Maybe Josh is still alive. They never actually found him either. Now I'm scaring myself.
"Chris?" I ask. I called Chris over to talk to him. Something needed to be said.
"Yeah Ash?" He replies.
"I need to tell you something." I continue. He looks at me with eyes the size of the moon. I know this is going to hurt him. "I, I'm pregnant." Everyone stops and looks at me. They all look so excited, all except Chris. He's the only one that would understand why we shouldn't be excited. Chris walks out of the cave and everyone looks at me for an explanation. I collapse on the ground in tears, I feel so guilty. Sam comes over to comfort me, followed by Mike and jess. (Y/N) stands still looking outside into the darkness.
"Guys, it's not safe to be out there alone." she says looking at us. Mike nods at her and she picks up one of the flamethrowers. She runs off to get Chris and make sure he's okay. Mike starts to ask questions and Sam tells him to shut up. I block them out and try to calm down. I love Chris and I was only trying to make him jealous. I took it too far and started to sleep with random guys from university or the bar. One time, we forgot protection and, this happened. I understand that Chris is angry at me. I understand he probably doesn't love me anymore. I wouldn't love a slut. Who would? Who would love me? I'm awful. Mike and jess decide to get some sleep, so me and Sam stay up, waiting for Chris and (Y/N) to return.

(Y/N)'s p.o.v

"Chris!" I yell, hoping for a response. He could be anywhere by now. What if he's already dead? It'll cause devastation between us all. Chris is a cool guy. He doesn't deserve to die. I decide to take a left, following a sign that says. "New Cabin". I wonder if Chris is up here. It would make sense right? To go to the other safe place in the mountains. I just hope he has common sense. This flamethrower is breaking my back. I set it down on something and it crunches. I look down to see a mass of dead bodies and cameras. I lift the flamethrower up and run. I continue to run until suddenly I run into something.
" (Y/N)!" I hear. A hand is pushed towards me. It's Chris. "Are you okay? What are you doing out here?" I grab his hand and he lifts me up, but the flamethrower remains in the ground.
"I'm okay. I'm out here looking for you 'cus you ran out and its not safe out here alone." I explain. Chris nods his head.
"But why were you running?" He asks.
"Chris, they showed up, the news team." I say.
"Great where are they?" Chris asks happily. I sigh.
"They got to them before we could." I say. Now there's no way out.

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