This Pain

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I hate you so much and you get on my nerves

Maybe you being a part of my world is what you don't deserve

Your killing me softly if you knew it or not

I have a clear smile on my face but I'm hurting a lot

Do you care that I'm bleeding on the inside?

Bags under my eyes from the many tears I cried

I need a hero to come and save me

I'm in critical condition that's a fact not a maybe

The doctors try to revive what's left in me

Giving me all types of pills and filling me with IV

The pain is to significant to explain

I try to scream but I remain the same

My heart is broken and can't be fixed

Multiple emotions are gathering in a mix

They tried bandages, needles, and a load stitches

But I'm to bad off because of my many glitches

They tried to shock me back with a defribillator

I want to be better right now not sometime later

Forgive me if my pain is too deep

Forgive me for letting me pain always seep

How can I get rid of all I feel?

I try so hard but it's just to real

Leave me here as I slowly melt away

Leave me here dying as you enjoy your day

Fake smile and too many lies

No one really know what lies behind my eyes

I want to cry and I want to scream

If it's not about you than what does it mean?

I'm slowing giving in to all of the pain

I'm losing all hope and will never be the same

Forgive me and all the wrong that I've done

I'm and not perfect I'm just one

Out of all people pain chose me

I'm not the same and I don't think I'll ever be

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