Chapter 2

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[ Zania's POV ]

I stayed on my knees.

"I've heard of you," Odin spoke, "You are the princess at Faytum. Goddess of Fire."

"I'm not the princess anymore. That was many years ago," I answered.

Frigga looked at the guards.

"Untie this woman," she demanded.

The gaurds came to me and untied me. When I was free, I shakenily stood up on me feet.

"As you know, the Leviathans have destoryed Faytum. The people of it as well. They found me hiding there still, even after many years. They've tried taking me, but I found my fathers way of going to different realms. The only realm that seemed familiar was Asgard. I mean no harm to your planet. Leviathans are going to try to kill me," I say.

"You mean no harm but you dare come to Asgard? Though you know they would follow?" spoke Loki.

I knew of his name because I've heard stories of this God of Mischief.

I dared not to look at him and spoke, "I only came here because I know not of the other realms."

Before Odin could speak, a blonde man walks in saying, "Father, I-"

He sees me.

I believed that was Thor, God of Thunder.

He seemed to be in shock to see me as did the rest had before.

"Is this a Faddist?" he asked.

"Thor, don't be so rude. Her name is Zania," Frigga spoke.

I smiled kindly at Frigga and said, "Its fine, my queen."

I look at Odin and say, "I have no intention of getting you involved. But I had no where to go."

Odin gave me a small smile and said, "I knew of your parents. They were kind to me. They did my favor, and I shall give one back."

I narrowed my brows.

"What do you mean?" I wonder.

"I am going to let you stay. For now. I will help you with the Leviathans," he said.

Did he really mean that? I didn't mean for him to help me.

"I don't want to cause trouble," I say.

"And you won't. Thor and Loki will protect you. Until the Leviathans leave you and your home alone-"

What?" Thor and Loki spoke once.

"I am truly greatful that you're helping me, my king. But I do not need grown men watching over me," I insist.

Odin stood up and walked to me. He put a hand on my shoulder. I suddenly flinched at his touch.

"I see you are still weak," Odin speaks.

"Excuse me?" I wonder.

"You're weak from what they have done to you and your family. You are a fallen star. Being the last Faddist. You may not need my sons watching over you, but you will. You cannot fight the Leviathans alone. I do not like them. You may stay here until peace has grown upon you and your realm. Until then, Thor and Loki will be taking care of you," Odin spoke.

I looked at Thor, who didn't try to complain. Unlike Loki, who looked as if he was disgusted at the fact he was going to watch over me.

I looked at Odin again and gave him a smile.

"Thank you," was all I said.

"Now that that's cleared, come with me, darling. You need to get out of those awful wearings," Frigga spoke. I walked with Frigga out the room, leaving as I hear Loki beginning to argue.

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