Chapter 1

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Asgard had been peaceful for awhile. High King Odin sat on his throne. His beautiful wife, Frigga, stood beside him with her hand on his shoulder.

She asked Odin, "Where are our sons?"

"Thor is in the training hall. He will be here in a moment," Odin spoke.

"And Loki?" she asked.

"Where I'm always am," said a voice.

Loki stepped out from behind the pillars.

He looked straight at Frigga as did she.

"In the background," he finishes.

"Why didn't you say anything when I asked of my sons?" she wondered.

He scoffed quietly and answered, "I'm not exactly your son, am I?"

Loki seemed to be glaring at Odin, who was unheeding Loki.

Loki still didn't let go of the fact that he was adopted. That he isn't an Asgardian.

He loved Frigga still, but his love for Odin twisted since Odin had lied to him since the beginning.

Frigga gave him a small smile and said, "But you are always my son to me, dear Loki. As I am your mother."

"Where is Thor?" Odin asked Loki, still not connecting eye contact.

"Fetching his love, perhaps," Loki responded.

Then suddenly the doors opened. Guards walked in, holding someone who seemed to be wearing a long brown dress and a hoodie. Their feet and hands tied up.

"My king! We found something! They were by the palace yards!" said one of the guards.

The guards put down the figure in front of Odin. They couldnt see who it was, since the hoodie blocked the face.

Odin began examining the figure.

"Take off the hood," Odin ordered his guards.

One of the guards came forward and pulled off the hood. As the face was revealed, the entire room filled with gasps. "It cannot be," Frigga said.

It was a woman. She had short, brown highlighted hair. She had a boyish cut styled hair that revealed her ears. Her hair was very messy and dirty. She wore black pearled earings. The woman had a lot of scratched wounds on her face. Her eyes glowed hazel.

She looked upon Odin and Frigga.

"Are you-" Frigga tried to say.

"She is a Faddist," Odin announced.

"I thought they were they were killed?" Frigga wondered.

"They're suppose to be," Loki finally spoke.

The woman looked at Loki, who she didn't notice.

"Sorry to disappoint you," the woman finally spoke.

She wasn't afraid.

"What is your name, Faddist?" Odin asked.

The woman looked away from Loki and onto Odin.

"My name is Zania Faytum," she replied.

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