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Luke was on tour with the boys. You and luke have been dating for 2 years already. You had a really bad past. With abusive family, foster care, and bullying at school. It left you broken,scared,and scars. You have been suffering by not self-harming. Once you met Luke, you felt save and happy for a really long time but now that Luke was gone on tour that left you alone with your demons.

Luke is suppose to have at least 1 more week on tour. You were just sitting on the couch and get a tweet mention. " Why is @(Y/T/N) dating @luke5sos? She doesn't deserve him. She is just a slut and ugly" I is this true. I get another " @(Y/T/N) You are ugly and Luke will never love you. So just go kill yourself." At this point I was crying in a ball.

They are right. You know that? They said."NO THEY ARE NOT"I yelled. Of course they are (Y/N). And you know it. They said "NO" I yelled again. Just go into the restroom and do it. DO IT! DO IT! They chanted. I couldn't take it any more so I ran into the restroom and grabbed my lighter. DO IT! They said. So I placed the lighter onto my arm.

I whimpered. I did it like 12 times. It went up and down my right and left arm. Six on each arm. I then heard the door open. I didn't really bother because I was now working on my thighs. I did one on my thigh then I hear a gasp. "(Y/N)" It was Luke. "L-luke I can e-explain." I said. "Just tell me why (Y/N)?" Luke asked.

"The h-hate got to me L-luke. The f-fans were t-telling me y-you don't l-love me. A-also to k-kill myself." I explain between sobs. "Babe." He said sitting next to me with tears in his eyes and cuddling with me on the floor. "(Y/N) how long has this been going on?" He asked. "Has long as you have been gone." I said.

"Am sorry." He said as cries into my shoulder. "I should have token you on tour and cuddle with you to make you feel better." He said "Its not your fault Luke. I am just glad your here now." I said hugging Luke.

"You want to have a movie night?" Luke asked. "I would love too." I said with a giggle. We lifted our selfs off the ground and went to the lounge. For the rest of the night we just watched movies, cuddled, and eat Chinese food.

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