After now (Naruto fanfiction)

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Leaves began to fall off the trees in Konoha and under the tallest one stood  Ino crying her eyes out. "Sasuke-kun!!!!!!!!!!"She shouted to the man she loved and he just ignored her "Annoying girls..."He said to himself walking off and leaveing Ino alone. Sakura began to pass Sasuke the emotionless bastard had told Ino that she was an annoying girl who had no reason to exist in this world...... he might have spoken the truth but you just can't make a girl cry her eyes out. That was the last time Sakura and Ino had seen Sasuke for it seemed he had vanished from Konohagakure.

All of the people that Naruto grew up with were now in their 20's and boy has Naruto grown. He even has a wife and kids..... And he is married to the women of his dreams believe it or not he married Sakura. Hinata got mad but she soon got over it with in a few days really and ended up with Kiba.  How nice it was but there was only one person of Naruto's friends who never found love or someone to spend the rest of her life with and that was Ino.

"Ino-chan........?"Sakura said walking up the hill where Ino stood. "What's wrong Ino?"She asked her friend before taking her hand and having her sit down. On the ground with her. Ino explained to Sakura what all had happened and she told her that Sasuke turned her down and even he had a wife. A annoying red head named Karin. "Just forget that heartless bastard"Sakura said  looking her friend in the eyes. "There are other people that are more worthy of you."

    ~Warning the following may contain material which some readers may not find suitable~


"THAT HEARTLESS  BASTERD I'LL KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN HIM TO FLIPPIN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

*Sakura is now normal again children can uncover their eyes now :P

 Ino sat and watched flames rise in Sakura's eyes.  She looked as she was concentrating some major chakra into her right hand which she had clenched into a fist. "Sasuke!!!!!!"She shouted slowely walking towards him. She gently tapped his shoulder with her left hand and punched him with her right fist once he turned around. "I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU FOR  5 LONG YEARS AND I ALLREADY WANNA PUMBLE YOU!!!!!!!!"She shouted sending Sasuke flying into the air towards a bunch of trees.

"Ow..... Sakura was that nessisary?"Sasuke asked rubbing his head where he had hit the tree. Sakura shot him a glare and stomped over towards him. "Oh Shit!!!!!!!"He was thinking before being lifted off the ground. "Uhhhhhhhhh I gotta go.........."Sasuke said scrambleing out of Ino and Sakura's sight.

As soon as she lost sight of Sasuke, Sakura turned her attention to Ino. "See Ino..... Who would fall in love with that wimp?"She asked her friend as she bent over into Ino's ear.


Hello readers this is Yuki now time to awnser Sakura's question.~ RAPIDLY COUGHS *SAKURA WOULD* COUGH COUGH

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Ino cracked a smile and looked up at her friend. She opened her arms and pulled her in for a hug. Sakura sat down next to Ino and watched ninja's enter and leave the village from afar and one of them was Sasuke. "Must be going back to Oto...."Ino said "Yeah."Sakura said in reply.

"Sakura-chan...Ino-chan!"Hinata said a little louder than usaual. "Tsunade-sama has summoned us and Naruto-kun"She said

"C'mon Ino the older Tsunade get's her temperment shortens."Sakura said getting off the ground looking at Ino who got up right after her. They both nodded at Hinata and started off running to the hokage's office. They pasted their students and the academy when they came to the office. "Tsunade-sama?"They all three asked seeing Naruto allready in the room.

"Yes,You four are to go to Oto...."She said in a serious tone.... "Sasuke is planning something and you four need to find out. This is an important S rank mission and....."Tsunade said coming to a pause since she did not know who was to be the leader in the mission. "Ummm This is unlucky but Naruto is the leader of the mission."She said with a sigh

The 3 girls mouths dropped when they heard what Tsunade had said. "Second thought leader better be Hinata since there is no telling what Naruto would try and go do,Tsunade said gettin up out of her chair and began to lean over her desk. Naruto changed where he was looking and Sakura noticed. She walked over to Naruto and said "Perve!" as she punched him in the jaw. Every one turned their attention to Sakura and Naruto then back at Tsunade.

"Dismissed!"Tsunade shouted as she sent them out of Konoha and towards Otogakure.

~Few minutes later everyone is rushing and trying to keep up with Naruto.

"Naruto! What the hell do you think you are doing it takes two days to get to Oto and we do not need to make it there in in two hours so get your ass back here."Sakura shouted putting her gloves on her hands. "Don't make me drag you back here!!!!!" Naruto's eyes widened once he heard what Sakura said "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!"He almost sqealed as he rushed back to Sakura's side........"Sakura-chan you can be soo cruel..."He complained as they walked.

"I'm not going to listen to you complain the entire time."Ino said with a weak grin on her face. "

Naruto  sighed and walked and walked not talking anymore..... "Naruto-kun?"Hinata said in her soft voice. "Hinata-chan.........He is in his own little world right now....... He's not even paying any attention on where he is going..... Next thing we know."Sakura said but was interupted by a loud bang and an "OWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"By none other than Naruto. "Oh I spoke too soon.... looks like he ran into a tree."Sakura said grinning.

"Naruto! Watch where you are going!!!!!" Sakura screamed at him. "Sakura-chan at least act like your worried about me every once in awhile........"Naruto said getting off the ground to see Ino laughing at him. "Hey!!! What's so funny?!"Naruto shouted at her...... "YOUR FACE!"Ino shouted at Naruto "Guys...."Hinata said but sit seemed as she did not say loud enough since Naruto and Ino kept yelling at each other and it seemed to be only a matter of time until Sakura would join in.

Hinata stood as far away as the fighting as she could and began to use her Byakugan, and saw a village. "Is that Oto?"Hinata began to say in a soft voice. "Hinata-chan?"Naruto asked as he had his spiky hair pulled and jerked by Sakura "Umm guys?"Hinata said slightly louder than before, and this time grasping all three of her team mates attention. "Hinata? What is it?"Ino and Sakura asked both at once.

Hinata began to point to way the village but she quickly withdrew her hand when she began to think about  that she was the only one who actually could see it..... "Ummm I see a village."Hinata said as Naruto darted off the ground and ran towards Hinata and grabbed her shoulders. "IS IT OTO?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?"Naruto shouted at her anxiously awaiting an answer. "Ummm I have never been there so I really wouldn't know Naruto-kun"She said  beginning to blush from being so close to Naruto.

Naruto was now even more anxious to find out if that was Oto or just another town filled with regular people. "C'mon guys we  need to go find out if it is Oto!" He shouted and began to run towards what he hoped to be Oto. "Naruto-kun......"Hinata said as she began to run after him. With Sakura and Ino close behind her.

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