Sinematic- JuHaku one shot

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JuHaku- Sinematic

Hakuryuu Ren walked around the palace in Balbadd aimlessly. After talking with Morgiana, he'd been thinking a lot about his life. He needed to keep moving forward, for the sake of his country. For the sake of his people, and himself.

Now that Kouen was 'dead', Hakuryuu had a duty as the Kou Empire's emperor, and he was ready to accept that and give up his vengeance. In fact, he already had.

But why did he still feel so empty?

Hakuryuu's pace slowed as he walked through a garden outside the palace. His thoughts drifted to a certain black haired, pale-skinned magi.

I'm an addict for dramatic, black hair and pale skin.

He'd be lying if he said he didn't miss the arrogant magi. Aladdin's magic was truly cruel. Judar had been his best friend. The only person who really understood him. And now he was gone.

Would Judar be angry if he could see him now?

Hakuryuu couldn't kill Kouen. And he wasn't fallen into depravity anymore. He and Judar wouldn't have that in common anymore.

Hakuryuu sighed, "I wish he was here right now..." The thought of Judar hating him was absurd, right? Hakuryuu hoped so. But it didn't matter anyway, Judar is-

"Looks like your wish came true," A familiar voice spoke, smirk evident in his voice.

Hakuryuu froze and looked up, "J-Judar?!"

"Hey," Sure enough, the magi stood smiling a few feet away.

"How are you...?" Hakuryuu took a few steps toward the magi, not believing he was actually there at first. "But you were...-"

"There's a lot I need to explain, but that can wait." Judar hadn't changed much, the most prominent difference how his hair was braided. Judar looked Hakuryuu over quickly, instantly noting a change, "Hakuryuu...your rukh... They're...-"

"Yeah, I know, I need to explain a lot as well." But Hakuryuu couldn't think straight. He was so overcome with emotion. Judar is alive! How, he had no idea. But that didn't matter either. Both males stepped forward, pulling each other into a tight hug. "I missed you, Judar," Hakuryuu mumbled into the magi's shoulder.

"I missed you too," Judar replied, hugging the prince-no- emperor tighter. "You won, right?" He asked, needing confrontation.

"Of course," Hakuryuu pulled back some, looking into the magi's crimson eyes. Not thinking, the emperor moved his hands to Judar's face, cupping his cheeks and pulling him into a kiss.

I've been numb for so long, that I forgot how to feel...

Judar closed his eyes and leaned into the warmth of the other's hands. Wait... Hands? Plural? The magi pulled away too soon and looked down at Hakuryuu's hands in confusion as the male pulled them away.

Hakuryuu frowned and turned away, a light pink dusting his cheeks, "I'm sorry... That was...uncalled for... I..." He knew it was stupid, trying to kiss Judar. He clearly didn't feel the same way he did. Maybe he did hate him for his white rukh.

"Wait, what?" Judar looked up at Hakuryuu's face. The emperor looked ashamed and embarrassed, leaving Judar confused. "What's wrong, Hakuryuu? I was just- Oh!" He gasped, realizing what he'd done. "Oh, no, Hakuryuu, it's not that. It's just- your arm! Wasn't it wooden? And your legs! Didn't Alibaba cut them off?" The magi knew he had a bad memory, but surely he didn't forget his king regaining his limbs.

Hakuryuu looked from the ground back up to Judar, surprised. He glanced down at his new limbs, remembering what Kouen did. "About that..."

"Ah, whatever. It doesn't matter right now," Judar decided. He grabbed Hakuryuu's face and pulled him into another kiss.

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