Chapter (15 Part 1)

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Sophia's POV

Placing my hand on Connors upper arm; I locked my eyes with his. Connor's eyes flashed signs of anger by my actions. "Are you Isabella's mate?" I whispered harshly, keeping eye contact.

I felt his body stiffen under my hand; however his eyes remained the same, not showing any sign of a response. "What would make you think that?" He snarled, his eyes narrowing slightly.

Cocking my head to the side; "You seem very concerned about her safety and her life." I responded with confidence in my voice, "Not to mention that I heard you broke up with Melissa."

His lips tightened before he replied, "You are wasting time Sophia," he took in a sharp breath before pulling his arm out of my grip. "My relationship and concern for Isabella is out of commitment, nothing more." With that he stormed towards the car.

I frowned slightly; watching his retreating back, had he lied? Slowly I began to follow in his footsteps, while debating the subject intently. Bringing myself to a stop before I entered the car; which was departing for the airport. Thinking over Connor's words one last time; I came to the decision Connor had no reason to lie, his concern for Isabella is out of commitment. Entering the car and taking the back seat; I shot Connor a quick glance. He had no reason to lie, I reasoned again and with that thought I let the subject drop. Smiling slightly as I remembered I soon would be in the arms of my love.


Isabella's POV

The pain crippled my body; as I lay limp on a bed. Glancing at the IV which pumped blood into my lifeless body; though my torn flesh across my chest was leaking it back out. "It's not healing!" The pack doctor panicked to my father. I watched as my father's face turned to one of pain.

I hadn't stopped bleeding for three hours; the floor was scattered with empty IV bags. Chase was kneeling over my body on the double bed; pressing a white towel firmly to my stomach, trying to suppress the amount of blood which flowed freely from the wound.

My blood covered his arms and hands, while a slash of my blood ran across his right cheek. Lying next to him were towels drenched in blood. "What do we do next?" My father's voice pleaded with the doctor; turning my head to the side to watch his reaction.

He glanced at me for a moment, "There isn't anything more I can do." He spoke slowly, his voice coated in sadness and regret. My father let out a low growl; "There has to be something!" He yelled before dropping to my side and holding my hand within his rough ones.

"She hasn't healed," the doctor said puzzled, "We can't even stitch the wound, it is too deep and too large." While changing my IV bag once again he added, "If she was human, she would already be dead my King," I heard him let out a deep sigh. "Her wolf should be healing this, but it has been hours. Nothing more can be done," he whispered.

I felt Chase press the towel tighter into my body; glancing up at him I noticed the tears which lay in his eye lashes, threatening to drop at any moment. "This isn't your fault Chase." My voice croaked full of pain.  He eyes darted to mine briefly "It is Isabella," he replied with deep sadness in his voice, "It is all my fault." He shifted his weight on the bed, hovering over my close to lifeless body.

"You weren't to know they were Freedom Fighters." I replied with a pained and low voice. It was true Chase and I weren't to know that Freedom Fighters were within the town. Freedom Fighters being a large group of wolves who had denied the ruling of both kingdoms; father told me that the group had increased after our treaty was put in place.

Chase didn't reply but I noticed the tears fall from his eyes as he glared at the now bloody towel. "She is to die then?" My father snarled from my side, his hand tightening around mine. "Her wolf should have healed her injuries by now," the doctor's voice piped up; "but her wounds still stay untreated, there is nothing more in my power I can do."

I let out a sharp cry, as the pain shot through my body; hoping death was close as I was unsure how long I could take the agony which consumed my body. "Why does her wolf lay dormant?" My father asked with sadness in his voice, unable to accept the reality of the situation.

"I don't know, Isabella should of changed when her life was threatened; but instead..." the doctor broke off, not needing to finish the sentence. I let myself be attacked- not changing, not protecting myself. "Perhaps it is Isabella's tight control over her inner beast which prevented the change," the doctor said trying to give some insight into the situation.

Quickly I felt Chase lift the blood soaked towel from my body; only to replace it with another- which would soon also be soaked in my blood.  "Isabella," my father whispered close to my ear; "I love you."

I nodded my head weakly, had it came to goodbyes already?

"Don't," Chase snarled over me, "don't say good bye, she isn't dying." He shot at my father. "I won't let her."

"Chase," I spoke, my voice low; placing my hand on top of his, which held the towel firmly to my body. "There isn't anything more we can do," I tried to reason with him. "I am barely breathing."

My eyes tightened as the agony consumed my body; "I can't....hold on much longer," I whispered letting my head fall back into the pillow and my hand sliding to the side of my body. "I'm tired," I mumbled.

"Please Is, don't give up." Chase cried, I felt a tear drop on to my shoulder. "You can't die." He added weakly; but I already was, he was witnessing my body turning lifeless.

I couldn't even open my eyes as I heard the dull opening of doors. "It's ok Chase," I cooed, my voice low and weak. I felt more tears drop onto my shoulder; it would be ok I told myself. Death should not be feared; though my body did not have the energy to ponder that thought. 


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