Let Me Know

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Tasha p.o.v.

  It's now 2 am, I can't stop thinking of August. The thoughts of him just won't go away. How soft his lips were, how cute and gentle he is towards me, and especially how sexy he is as I slip out of the warm shower and put on my pajamas. I walk over to my comfy bed and slip in feeling the cold sheets on my skin.

I think i'm finally starting to drift off to sleep, unable to keep my eyes open, I just let them drop closed and relax my body as every thought I had just simply slipped away.

"I know when that hotline bling" I hear as my phone rings waking me from my sleep. I look over at my phone to see who's calling. It was August.

  I quickly got up and brushed my teeth, fixing my hair. "Bling" my phone says letting me know I got a text.

'Hey beautiful, facetime me when you get this❤ -August' it said making me smile. I get back in bed and facetime him. "Good morning sexy" he said while smirking. "So I was beautiful now I'm sexy?" I said smiling "you're both" he said causing me to giggle. "Hey want to go to the beach today?" He said "Sure" I reply "wear the sexiest swimsuit you have and bring extra clothes" He said seductively "Ok anything for you baby" he laughed, leaving me confused "it's daddy to you." He said making me bite my lip Thinking about him. "Bye babe" he said hanging up "wait what time?" I said as I hear the line drop.

  I decide to text him
"What time? - Tasha" he soon replied with "in 15min, be there -August❤" I dropped my phone on the bed next to me and started to pack my clothes. I grabbed my two piece pink lace swimsuit, lotion, a skater dress and sandles, and a towel. I put my swimsuit on under my shorts and top.

Perfect timing , I thought making it to the beach within the 15 min time slot.

  I see August walking towards me shirtless and smiling. Damn he looks good, I thought biting my lip. "Like what you see?" I hear him say taking me out of my trance. "No" I say blushing, pushing him away, making him laugh.

  We walk to the beach and set out or towels and things in our spot. "Race you to the water" I say running "That's not fair!" August says chasing me. Obviously I won lol.

  As soon as we got to the middle he picked me up and threw me in the water.

August p.o.v.

I saw Tasha get out her car thinking of how truly beautiful she is.

  We set up our  spot and I hear Tasha yell "Race you to the water". Soon I reached  waist length in the water but it was breast length on Tasha.

  I sneakily picked up Tasha and threw her in the water. It's been two minutes since I dropped her and she still isn't back up yet...

  All of the sudden I hear someone behind me yell "Booooo" making me jump, I turned around only to see....

A/N: Hey guys, should I continue this or just stop lol but if I continue this will be part 1 of  let me know and part two will come soon and as in 'soon' I mean tonight lol. That's all lol enjoy my book!

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