Witches, Vampires, Ghosts and other Midnight Creatures - Witches 1

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Saya groaned and glared at the mirror. Two ice-blue slits frowned back at her, as a strand of red streaked hair slid into her eyes. Going out to a disco was harder than it seemed. Dark smudges of mascara stained the mirror, and make up compacts were everywhere, containing eye shadows and blushers in all the colours of the rainbow; Saya groaned again, despairing at the surrounding mess. It looked like the local Boots shop had been thrown into her bedroom.

Even worse, Saya looked awful. Her lip liner was wonky, and she'd used far too much foundation than was necessary. On top of that, her hair was knotted, coupled with the red highlights which did not look good tangled. Flinging her hairbrush onto the bed, tears stung Saya's eyes and threatened to leak down her foundation-smothered face. The clock chimed 8pm.

A welling anger swarmed up her, from her painted toes to her unbrushed hair. Why was everything so unfair? What had she done to deserve this sort of fate? It's not my fault, thought Saya furiously, her face flushing, unbeknownst to her, a flaming crimson in the heat of the moment. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrggghhhhh! she screamed silently.

A strange, unfamiliar sensation crept over Saya, tingling and twisting. Calmer, Saya gazed in the mirror and shot up in horror. Staring back at her was a beautiful young woman, with smoky eyes, perfect, plump, pink lips and neatly combed chestnut curls whirling down her back, intertwined with ruby strands. Her face glowed, but looked unsteady, unsure. Saya gasped. The figure in the mirror was her.

Backing down the stairs, Saya fingered her smooth tresses as she mulled over the sudden transformation - was it something to do with that spine-chilling feeling? Or was it something connected to her anger... or could it have been both? Whatever it was, it made a big difference, she thought shakily as she stepped out into the street.

"Saya. Saya. SAYA!"

Shivering, Saya halted as a cloaked triumvirate of figures blocked her path. Gasping heavily, Saya frantically shrieked for help, but the sound was lost to the wind; turning her head, she saw a solid wall behind her, trapping her. She gulped and waited.

"Sister Saya. Welcome to our Sisterhood," hissed the melodic voices.

"W-w-what s-s-sisterhood?" she replied, her knees weakening.

"You do not know what we are? What YOU are?" the figures scoffed, "Why, Saya... you are a witch."

A shadow fell across the moon, as Saya's eyes glowed an eerie red. The same red as the streaks in her hair.

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