We are the Future Vongola

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Giotto and his Guardians were sitting around in the living room of the Vongola mansion. Tsuna's guardians were mixed into the group, sitting on the couches as well, and both groups watched Tsuna. Tsuna ended up being the one who had to explain to Giotto and his Guardians about who they really were: Vongola Decimo and Guardians. Tsuna looked around at all the watching eyes, waiting for him to speak, and sighed. 

"Where do I start..." He mumbled. He decided he should start with introductions.

"Well, my name is Tsunayoshi, or just Tsuna. Then over there is Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Lambo, and Hibari." As he said each of the names, he pointed to each person who waved their hand.

"Then you know that another person of our group isn't here, that's Mukuro." Tsuna continued. G. glared at Tsuna and frowned.

"We don't know who you are, but how do you know us?" He asked.

"That's right." Ugetsu added. "Earlier when we met in the forest, you three seemed to know who we were." He gestured to Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto.

"That's right." Tsuna said and nodded. "We know very well who you are."

This only made G. upset. He did not like the visitors knowing about them when they had no idea who the visitors were. Ugetsu and Knuckle watched closely, and Lampo just sat back in his spot lazily and took a sip from his cup. Alaude stood behind the couch silently, inspecting Tsuna. As for Giotto, he wasn't upset, but rather interested in Tsuna. He didn't seem like a threat at all, but seemed to be more of an ally.

Earlier, Lambo had called Tsuna "young Vongola", which perked Giotto's interest. Giotto had noticed the similarities between his Guardians and Tsuna's group, appearances included. Tsuna had reminded Giotto of himself, as they had similar appearances. 

"Why don't you tell us how you know us, then." G. said with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"We are the Vongola Family from the future." Tsuna answered. "And I am the Vongola Decimo."

The older group was taken aback by this statement while the younger group only nodded in agreement. G. frowned and stood up angrily.

"You expect us to believe that! There's no way you're some future Vongola Family." G. growled.

"It-It's true!" Tsuna stammered. "We really are the future Vongola Family. These are my Vongola Guardians." 

"As if I'll believe it." G. retorted. Gokudera stood up to defend his boss and told G.,

"I bet a guy like you couldn't understand this even if a picture book explaining it landed in front of your face."

"This is just a stupid game you guys made up." G. replied back.

"Idiot, Juudaime isn't lying!" Gokudera snapped. G. rolled his eyes.

"As if you could even be a Guardian, I bet you can't even fight." G. remarked.

"Oh yeah, wanna go?!" Gokudera answered and quickly pulled out a group of dynamite from his pockets.

"Gladly." G. replied and took a step forward. The two of them, glaring with intensity, were about to charge at each other.

"G. hold it!/ Gokudera, stop!" Giotto and Tsuna both said. The two Storm Guardians froze and looked back at their bosses. Giotto and Tsuna both had the same look in their eye, telling their Guardian to sit back down. G. and Gokudera both sighed and sat back down in their original spots.

"There's no way these kids can be the Vongola Family." G. grunted.

Giotto looked over at G., then turned back to Tsuna and gazed at him softly.

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