Part 1

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-1 year later-

You: (teaching dance) 1..2..3..4 Turn! 5..6..7..8

Girls: (dancing sloppy)

You: Nooo.

Girls: (stop dancing)

You: Shay was that good to you?

Shay. (Shaking her head) nope.

Girls: ahhhh😩😩

You: y'all were dancing like this (starts mimicking them)

Everyone: (laugh)

Bri: (taps you on the shoulder then look at the door)

You: (look at the door)

Roc: (looking through the window)

You: (smile) Let's run that back girls

Girls: (start dancing)

You: (walk out the dance room)

Roc: (smile) Hey babe. (Kisses you)

You: what are you doing here?

Roc: I got out the studio early so I decided to come watch you dance..but the way you was just dancing..(laughs)

You: (laugh and hit him playfully) I was showing them how they were dancing!

Roc: well show me how you dance.


Roc: come on (pulls you on him) twerk twerk!

You: (laughing) Roc stop!

Roc: (let's you go)

You: where's Devon.

Prod: (walking down the hall with him) Right here. (Puts him down)

Devon: (runs up to you) Mama!

You: (laugh and pick him up)

Prod: he was trying to hit on the lady at the front. (Laughs)

You: He's nothing but a little Mack daddy

Devon: (laughs)

You: see..just like his daddy.

Roc: (laughs a lil)

You: (put Devon down) y'all want to come in and give the girls feedback?

Roc: psh..Um No.

You: (laugh) babe why.

Roc: young girls and all this!! (Look at prod)

Prod: Young girls and all this!!(Points to himself and Prod) Don't go together.

You: (roll your eyes) well I got to get back in. (Open the door)

Girls: (start looking at the door smiling and waving)

Roc: see.

You: bye baby (laugh and walk back in)

🚘after Dance🚘

(It's 7pm)

You: (driving home)

Zoey: mom I don't like the new house lady.

Chloe: Me neither. She's not fun like Kate was.

Zoey: yeah why can't we get another younger lady.

Your POV: a young one might mess around with my husband,

You: this is the second lady you i hired this year, I don't think I'm going to get another one. Besides Ms.B know more.

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