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**Chapter 10**

*Archer's POV*

I stood outside the door, not ready how I felt about my situation. I mean, obviously I was concerned, but I felt like this was somehow my fault.

Room 729, Willow Elledeen

I felt a slight wave of guilt of seeing her innocent name on the sign. I shook my thoughts away and opened the door, revealing a small room that smelled like... well, a hospital.

My gaze immediately met Willow's small and pretty face. I admit that she was pretty, but that didn't stop me from cringing at the sight of her battered and bruised face. Her hair was tangled and messy, and there was a huge bandage around her waist. She was sleeping, so at least she wasn't in pain. I quietly stepped towards her, my footsteps too loud in this quiet room.

I sat on the metal chair right next to Willow, staring at her. She looked peaceful, but I needed to know what happened. I didn't mean to hurt her at that party.

I sighed and whispered, "What happened, Willow?"

Surprisingly, I heard a slight whisper from her lips.

"You finally learned my name."

I didn't even realized that I called her Willow and couldn't stop the small smile blooming on my lips. She peeked opened her eyes and looked at me, slightly smiling.

"You have to call me Archer from now on as well." I said with a slight chuckle.

Without waiting for her reply, I quickly frowned, asking, "What happened to you, anyways? I was worr-"

I realized what I was about to admit. I stopped before I could finish my sentence and awkwardly cleared my throat. Thankfully, Willow was too tired to notice and she sighed. Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink and she said, "I felt bad that I was so sensitive at the party... so I wasn't sleeping well because I thought that you were mad at me and when I borrowed Summer's car... I guess I was too tired to notice the other car coming towards me. So yeah, sorry for walking out on you.."

A huge wave of guilt swept over me. Why was she apologizing to me? I had insulted her and clearly hurt her feelings at the party and this was all my fault.

Immediately, a small alarm went off in my head, asking me when I had ever cared about hurting a girl's feelings. I ignored it.

I shook my head and quickly took her small and bruised hand. "No, I'm sorry, Willow. This is all my fault."

30 minutes quickly passed as Willow and I talked, mostly me lecturing her about watching the road. And telling her I was sorry, much to my bruised ego.

Anyways, when visiting hours were over, I went to the front desk and paid for her hospital bills, which I'm sure would have caused chaos if Willow had seen the total. I felt like that was the least that I could do.

I stepped out of the hospital and got into my car, but didn't start the engine. My thoughts were consuming my head and I couldn't help but think back to Jaron's words. Was I really falling for Willow? I had never experienced this kind of concern for a girl before.

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