Merry Christmas!

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Its Christmas Day and your parents are at work so you called Prince over to help set up. Your parents hadn't met Prince yet, you were worried about what they'd think.

You were decorating the tree and Prince was watching you from behind. You reached to put the star on top of the tree but couldn't reach he came up behind you and picked you up and you placed the star on top of the tree. You then kissed him on the cheek.

You- thanks baby

Prince- no problem y/n/n.. can't i get a proper kiss under the mistletoe?

You- later!

Prince- okay, you gonna twerk around the christmas tree for a nigga?

You- that sounded so horrible, i'm your girlfriend not your hoe

Prince- yeah i know i was just kidding around! but will you?!

Prince hands you your present and you open it up.

You- omg Prince i love it *kisses him*

Prince- you know what i'd like?

You- yeah sure whatever!

You twerked on him but then you both got carried away and fell, prince on top. Your parents came home and all they could see in the living room is you and prince on the floor play fighting.

You look up at your parents then look at prince and laugh. you stood up and help his hand

You- hey mom hey dad

Prince- Hello Mr and Mrs y/l/n (your last name), its a pleasure to meet you guys

You- Mom, Dad, this is prince my boyfriend

YM(your mom)- Hello dear, we have heard many things about you!

YD- Hey son. so i saw y/n watching a video of some afro headed boy on stage bumping and grinding or whatever you call it these days, anyway, he looked just like you?! but younger... do you still do that stuff? because if you do i suggest you don't do it to my daughter.

Prince- yes sir, he says trying not to laugh. you held his hand tighter as he rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand then placing it in his pocket

Prince- *mumbles* this is going to be a loonngg christmas.


only short but ima go bed so ✌