Tutor <Older! Hiro X Reader>

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Hiro paced by his bed. He couldn't believe he signed up to tutor a teenage girl. He covered his mouth and sat down. 'What if she's pretty? What if she doesn't like me? What if she knows I'm part of Big Hero 6?!' all these thoughts stormed through his brain.

He was supposed to meet her in the café in less than 5 minutes and he was panicking. Math wasn't the easiest (*please keep in mind I'm only in 9th grade*), and that was exactly what he was gonna help her with.

"Hiro! (Y/N)''s here!" he heard Aunt Cass call. He quickly sacked up his feels and walked done the stairs with the text book. When he got to the bottom step, he seen a girl talking with Aunt Cass. The girl wore a (favorite sport team)'s Jersey with a tight white tank top, jeans, converse and a (sport team based) cap.

Hiro gulped and stared at the (color hair) female standing in front of him.

"-meet you, Hiro!" her voice woke him out of his trance. "My names (Y/n). Thank you so much for tutoring me!" she smiled and walked over, holding her hand out for him to shake.

He nodded shyly and took her hand in his big one. Her hand seemed to have fit perfectly in his. She looked up into his brown eyes, locking them with her (e/c) ones.

'Oh this is gonna be hard. . ' Hiro thought as he blushed darker.

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