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"THIS CANT BE HAPPENING! NOT AGAIN!" Vic screamed as he threw a chair at the wall.

I just showed him the letter so he can better understand her reasons of her leaving. it was a huge mistake. the letter was still sat on the counter as he punched the wall, causing a hole to form.

"Vic please stop." i said, i walked up to him and rubbed his arm to calm him down. he just looked down at me, his eyes weren't that hazelnut color, they were a shade darker due to his anger.

it reminded me of the night I found out my father had left us. I locked myself in the closet, it was pitch black and I just sat there and cried. After he died, I felt a sense on relief but it never filled the void.

I couldn't stand seeing Vic like this. it was hurting me.

I tried to pay his back, but in anger, he grabbed me and threw me to the wall, hitting my head on the corner of a table.

I screamed as he just looked at me, I felt the blood begin to fall from the cut on my head. This is not okay. Vic just forcefully hurt me. It caught me so off guard.

"oh my god," he whispered "Violet I-I'm so sorry sweetheart."

he walked towards me and I flinched in fear of him hurting me again.

"fuck," he said, backing away "what have I done?"

my head began to throb. I got up and ran up the stairs to my room with Vic running after me.

I closed the door before he could even get to it and it locked.

"no Violet I'm so sorry sweet heart." he said through the door.

I began to cry as just sat on the other side of the door with my head in my hands. the blood was now gushing.

it hurts so bad. I can't believe Vic actually hit me.

I began to feel dizzy and light headed, Vic started to bang on the door which hurt my head even more.

then everything turned into a nice, warm black shade, and suddenly there was nothing.

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