A Little Thing Called 'Love'....❤

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You and Princeton were going out for your 6 month anniversary. You loved each other very much, although when it came to dates Prince seemed to go a little over board. You are an easy simple girl, that doesn't care where you go as long as you're together.

You're almost ready and you get a knock on your door. You go to answer, with your hair half done.

Prince- Hey baby. He says as he leans in for a kiss, you pull away and playfully hit him, then lead him in to sit down until you were fully ready.

You- Come on Princey i'm ready. You said as you opened the door.

Prince- okay uh the car is open i'll meet you in there, i gotta pee.

You- ok, hurry!


Prince gets in the car and you make your way to the surprise he has for you.

Prince- y/n/n close your eyes

You- Okay

He pulls up at the place and guides you out the car and leads you to where you are spending your anniversary

Prince- bit to the left a bit... watch these steps, we're here babe

You- okay can i open my eyes?

Prince- Yeah, look

You open your eyes to see a beautiful roof top view of the city, you looked to your left and saw a dinner table

You- so Prince what are we gonna do here

Prince- we're gonna eat, talk and i have something planned after!

You- sounds perfect, just like you. I love you princeypoo

Prince- I love you too y/n/n

*you kiss*

He sits you down and claps his hands signalling the waiter.

Prince- Hey, can we get 2 waters and the specials on the list please?

Waiter- sure coming up

You- So, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Prince- wait so on OUR anniversary you wanna talk about MY future? i was hoping to talk about our future

You- Yeah i was gonna get to that! answer the question

Prince- Well i see myself with a fiancée maybe a kid, that i'd spoil very much! and being in my dream job

You- Well that girl and that kid will be very lucky to have a guy like you, shame it isn't me

Prince- come on babe you know who i'm talking about when i say that!

You- yeah i know- me but i just wanted a reaction outta you!

Prince- in fact i meant rihanna... but you're a close second!

You- *sarcastically* HA-HA-HA

Prince- You know i'm just playin' i plan to be with you, forever.

You- aww so sweet

You ate and talked more then finished up. You then made your way to the other surprise Prince planned

He pulled up and you opened your eyes.