A Little Thing Called 'Love'....❤

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You and Princeton were going out for your 6 month anniversary. You loved each other very much, although when it came to dates Prince seemed to go a little over board. You are an easy simple girl, that doesn't care where you go as long as you're together.

You're almost ready and you get a knock on your door. You go to answer, with your hair half done.

Prince- Hey baby. He says as he leans in for a kiss, you pull away and playfully hit him, then lead him in to sit down until you were fully ready.

You- Come on Princey i'm ready. You said as you opened the door.

Prince- okay uh the car is open i'll meet you in there, i gotta pee.

You- ok, hurry!


Prince gets in the car and you make your way to the surprise he has for you.

Prince- y/n/n close your eyes

You- Okay

He pulls up at the place and guides you out the car and leads you to where you are spending your anniversary

Prince- bit to the left a bit... watch these steps, we're here babe

You- okay can i open my eyes?

Prince- Yeah, look

You open your eyes to see a beautiful roof top view of the city, you looked to your left and saw a dinner table

You- so Prince what are we gonna do here

Prince- we're gonna eat, talk and i have something planned after!

You- sounds perfect, just like you. I love you princeypoo

Prince- I love you too y/n/n

*you kiss*

He sits you down and claps his hands signalling the waiter.

Prince- Hey, can we get 2 waters and the specials on the list please?

Waiter- sure coming up

You- So, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Prince- wait so on OUR anniversary you wanna talk about MY future? i was hoping to talk about our future

You- Yeah i was gonna get to that! answer the question

Prince- Well i see myself with a fiancée maybe a kid, that i'd spoil very much! and being in my dream job

You- Well that girl and that kid will be very lucky to have a guy like you, shame it isn't me

Prince- come on babe you know who i'm talking about when i say that!

You- yeah i know- me but i just wanted a reaction outta you!

Prince- in fact i meant rihanna... but you're a close second!

You- *sarcastically* HA-HA-HA

Prince- You know i'm just playin' i plan to be with you, forever.

You- aww so sweet

You ate and talked more then finished up. You then made your way to the other surprise Prince planned

He pulled up and you opened your eyes.

You- The beach?! aw so romantic! there aren't many people here

Prince- yeah lets get sat down!

He pulled out a blanket and a basket, and you had a little picnic

He then pulled out of the basket chocolate covered strawberries- your favourite

He fed them to you, you did the same. overall a really romantic evening

You got home and Prince came in. You ran upstairs to change your clothes, but what you didnt know was, Prince followed you.

*you getting changed*

Prince- Hey boo

*Jumps and screams*

You- aahhh Prince not cool


He comes up behind you and grabs your waist, you try pulling away but he starts kissing your neck, causing you to moan, you then turn round to kiss him, which leads to a make out session. you then jump up, your legs are now around his waist, you being closest to the bed, you flop onto the bed (him being on top), he takes off his shirt while you take off your shorts, he then full takes off your top that you hadn't finished putting on.

Prince- Hey um you wanna do this angrily?

You- oh yes, angry sex is the best sex. so we gotta swear anything said is just for pleasure non of it is meant?

Prince- yep

Prince gets straight to it, he reveals Mr Fernando and goes right into you, slowly to start you off.

You- There were guys staring at me when we were on the beach. Winking and everything, one even came up to me and flirted, it was hot.

That made him angry but not enough to pound the shit outta you- just yet

You- You know your friend Roc? I liked him before i liked you, i still think he's hot

He got really angry and went faster and harder

Prince- uurrrggghhh say my name

You- No.

Prince- say it

You- you know what i like? strong boys with muscles that can protect m-(gco)

He went proper hard almost ripping you.


He slowed it down then kissed down you your area and started eating you out like a beast. you let out a loud moan

It was your turn, you decided to go for head, you know how he likes it and what gets him going.

You bent down and just straight away stuck it in your mouth. You tickled it with your tongue, he started to giggle then you nibbled on it.

Prince- Girls always be flritin' i kinda like the attention

You started to do it the way he liked but harder

Prince- i saw a girl today she was gorgeous, her ass was on point, i gotta tap that

You made him scream so loud the neighbours may have heard.

You kissed and kissed until you got tired and fell asleep together.


This one wasn't great but i'm thinking and trying!

Next one coming soon- very soon