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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 13- Surf

*Deeks' POV*

My alarm beeped at 4:30am. I rolled over and smacked the snooze button. I could feel Kensi groan next to me. 

"Are you serious? It's 4 freakin' 30 in the morning, Matt. We don't meet Charlene and Kevin until 7." She growled, squinting at the bright phone screen to read the time.

"I know, but I wanted to get some waves in before having to hold back with you amatures." I smirked.

Kensi glared up at me.

"Then how the hell am I supposed to get to the beach? What beach are we even going to anyways? It can't be one you go to often, because you could get made."

"Well you either come with me when I leave at 5, or carpool with Charlene." I said, rolling out of bed, and entering the bathroom.

"You're kidding."

"Wish I was, sweetheart." I laughed.

Suddenly I saw the face of a pissed, morning Kensi in the mirror behind me. I whirled around. Her hair was sticking out in wild directions, and her eye makeup from last night has smeared from her tossing and turning.

"Fine. I'll go early. But for the record, I've seen you surf. I would't exactally call you a pro."

She shuffled over to the other sink, and splashed water on her face, massaging her eyes with face wash.


We finally arrived at the deserted beach. Kensi fell asleep in the passenger seat next to me. I nudged her shoulder softly.

"What! I'm awake." Her eyes scanned her surroundings, and settled on me. "Oh, were here."

We unloaded our boards, and I handed Kensi a small wetsuit that ended just above the knee. She took off her sweatshirt to reveal the same adorable bikini she wore when I interviewed a surfer. Her shorts slid down her slender legs, and a matching bikini bottom was exposed. I looked back at her midsection, and frowned. Her left side was still different shades of black and blue, but at least it was healing.

"Eyes off the goods." She snapped. I looked up to see a humerous smile spread across her face. 

We slid on our wetsuits, and carried our boards to the edge of the beach.

"Ready?" I grinned at her. She took a step into the water, and shuttered.

"It's cold." She whined.

"You'll warm up. Come on, don't be a baby!" I yelled, and ran out into the water with a splash. I heard her sigh, and take the plunge after me. 

Stroke by stroke, I paddled my way out to sea. A large wave approached me in the distance. I turned my board around, and began paddling. Kensi followed my lead.

Waves later, I noticed Kensi had stopped, and was laying on her board, not moving, letting the waves rock her back and forth.

"Kens?" I said, paddling closer. She lifted her head heavily.

"I'm tired. I knew getting up this early without sugar was a bad idea." Kensi groaned.

I laughed, and grabbed the front of her board, so she wouldn't float away. 

"Hey, Sugarbear. I have a little surprise for you." I coaxed. Kensi's head whipped up.

"Is it donuts?" She said, her eyes sparkling.

"Close. If you can catch the next wave that comes, then I will give it to you!" 

Kensi sat up, and stared out to sea. I saw her eyes scanning the horizon quickly. 

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