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Percy's P.O.V
I hate gym and i hate human contact with other than my

mom. Why is because if you get to close everything will

crumble. Anyway back to gym. Are gym teachers

Mr.Brown. "Alright get running 20 laps now " he

spouted. I just sat there like any other day intell today

he noticed me. "Hey there pretty boy,get going and why

aren't you changed yet!!" I sighed,and got up I walked

over to him and wrote 'I dont want to'. "I dont rightly

care if you want to or not and answer me like a man

pretty boy" Ok im getting mad ' shut up you fricken idiot

I dont have to listen to your crap oh and by the way jerk

im a mute thank you very much also the names Percy

not pretty boy' I threw the paper at him so he could read

it and made my escape. Those 6 weird kids were

watching me again along with my cousin neeks(Nico)

who im

currently pretending not to know. I ran to the office

gave them a fake letter that was suposebly from my

mom excusing me and went home. That's why I hate

gym ....this always happens. Why me ?

How was it ? Next chapters point of view will be..... Nico's want expecting that were you and OMFG 82 reads frick yea. This book is more popular than my last one already. Thanks guys.

-phatpanda55 ✌

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