Stay Alive

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Chapter 1

"Mommy, will you read me a bedtime story?"

"Again? I just read one to you 5 minutes ago."


"Oh, alright. But no more after this."


"Okay, once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Rapunzel. Her mother and father loved her dearly, but one day an evil witch stole her away and locked her in a high tower with no way up. Now, the witch would come and visit Rapunzel every day, bringing her food and treats. And to get up the tower she would yell, 'Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!' And Rapunzel would let down her long golden hair and the witch would climb up and tell Rapunzel...."

"WAKE UP!!!"

The girl cried out slightly as she woke to the sound of a guard shouting and banging on the bars of the cages with a large metal pole, enough to wake even the heaviest of sleepers. She looked around at the large cage she lay in, breathing heavy from surprise. Beneath her was just a dirt floor and above her, a brick ceiling. It was the same for all the cages that were aligned in a never ending row. They were all empty and the humans who were held captive had to all sleep on the ground.

"TIME TO WAKE UP, YOU SLAVES!!!" the male guard bellowed.

The girl sighed, sitting up before looking down at her filthy body. She hadn't have a bath in weeks, just like all the other slaves. Though some prisoners were more lucky then others, the special ones treated with a little more respect and given more food and water. She looked over at the cage beside her that was empty. It had been empty because the last prisoner that was in there had gotten killed while in the arena.

She looked up as two strong guards covered in armor from head to toe walked her way, an unconscious boy being dragged by them. One of the guards unlocked the cage next to hers while the other guard threw the boy in. They locked the door again tightly just like all the other cages, so no one would be able to get out no matter how they struggled.

The girl tilted her head slightly, staring at the boy who'd just been thrown into his new cage.

The boy just lay there, looking nothing much special other then a strange winding mark on his hand, his hair a strange reddish brown, maybe from blood, but she couldn't tell as he never moved. Though after a few minutes he'd made a strange noise, breathing faintly.

She just stared before letting her gaze drop back to her now crossed legs as her hands lay in her lap. She reached up and moved some short, dirtied white hair from her face before her stomach growled, though she payed no mind.

The boy suddenly stiffened before coughing, slowly sitting up as he looked around, rubbing his head with a groan, his eyes glassy and grey as he made a slight noise, seeming to have a more tired look then confused or panicked at the moment.

The girl looked over at him again, staying silent though as icy blue eyes were filled with confusion. She slowly crawled over to the bars were their cages met, sitting down on her knees and grabbing the bars with both hands. "Are you okay?" she asked softly, looking around for any guards. After seeing their were none nearby, she looked back at the boy.

He slowly looked to her, tilting his head slightly, his hand still on his head before it slid down. He looked around again, blinking a few times before his eyes widened a bit, though he quickly seemed to relax. "Headache.... I got a really bad headache..." he murmured quietly, looking down as he suddenly seemed upset, as if expecting this to happen at some point.

She made a soft noise, still looking at him. "You got caught too, huh?" she whispered, shifting slightly as a small rattling noise was heard. He then realized one of her ankles were shackled, a long chain leading from it that lead to a strong loop in the ground on the other side of her cage that seemed stronger then an elephant could break, yet the chain wasn't all too thick.

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