Chapter 38 - Extra Pastries

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I look up at Rebecca while I take off my shoes. She places a tall glass of cola in front of me and kisses my head.

"Thanks baby. Yeah, I'm tired. I'm glad that I close early on Saturdays. I placed a cake and some pastries in the fridge,"

"Yeah, I just saw it. Are you planning a party?" she says with a cheeky smile.

"You never know..." I say while stretching my toes.


Annie comes running from the hallway and jumps into my arms. I now understand how Mom felt about us. I didn't make this little girl, but I love her so much.

"How is my princess doing? You were sleeping when I left this morning. Did you have fun last night?"

Annie then tells me about everything that she did together with her babysitter. We were at Jordan's birthday party and seems like she had a party of her own.

"I made you a new dessert for tonight. Since your tummy does well with chocolate, I made you a little cake with raspberry jam,"

Annie's face lightens up at the promise of a sweet. We have made a deal that if she eats her dinner every evening, she will get a special sweet on Saturday.

The doorbell rings and Rebecca goes to answer it. Annie cuddles with me for a bit.

"Annie, Dee is here for your play date," my girl calls from the door.

Annie gives me a sloppy kiss on my cheek and runs to meet her friend. After the girls are settled, Rebecca joins me on the couch.

"The realtor came by the shop today. He brought me a pack of options based on what we would like. I think you will love them," I say, standing up and getting the documents from the dining table.

Rebecca starts looking through the papers. I have marked the houses that I like the most.

"They are all so beautiful, but expensive," she says still looking at the papers.

"We can afford these options. The bakery is doing really good. Even on my salary alone we can get one of these houses. I want Annie to have a nice room and a backyard to run around. I saw this swing set that I'm sure that she will love,"

"You really love Annie," she says, looking into my eyes.

"I do. Is it so difficult to believe?" I say, caressing her cheek.

"My luck is what I find difficult to believe. A good and decent man, that can have any woman that he wants, chooses one with a dodgy past and a daughter,"

"That is the point. Is not about finding any woman. It is about finding the right one. You are more than right for me. Annie is a wonderful bonus," I say then kiss her lips lightly. "Do you think I'm right for you?"

"Right is not a big enough word to describe what you mean to me. Luke, you are a very special man. Under your tough exterior, there is a very sweet and loving man that actually cares. I see how you are with Annie. You actually pay attention to her and remember everything that she tells you. She has never been attached to anybody the way that she is with you. I look at you and I feel so proud," she says caressing my face.

"Even when I come home dusted with flour?"

"Even when you come home with raspberry jam in your earlobe," she says with a chuckle.

I stand up and look at myself in the hallway mirror. The jam is not only in my earlobe, I also have a bit in my hair.

"Why don't you take a shower? We can keep talking in the bathroom," she says and I obey.

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