I bit my lip, a bit insecure on how to act around this new version of Max's sister. "So you want me to seduce him to...what? Give him a happy memory before he sacrifices himself..?"

Isabel's laughter was so abrupt that I jumped. Her eyes glittered with bemusement as she quieted. "Not really." Still smiling, she already looked much more relaxed. "I have a theory."


"Max has told you about how we usually bond with humans, right?"

"Yep," I answered, thinking of copulation.

"And he has told you about the other option to bonding, available to only a few people with his rare gift?"


"Which - if my brother hasn't lied to me - is the reason why you're connected right now."

I nodded.

"And I kinda hate Sean," she continued and my whole body tensed at the mention of my prospective bonding-partner. "And I wouldn't wish him on my worst enemy." She shrugged, "Not that you're my enemy, but you get my drift."

"Sure," I agreed tonelessly.

"But I would hate to be bonded to someone like that," she elaborated.

Okay? You're not really making me feel any better about this whole situation here, Isabel.

In light of my silence, Isabel explained, "So, it got me thinking. What if - by using two methods of bonding - your bond would be stronger. Doubled up." She licked her lips, looking at me expectantly. "Your bond would be indestructible. Irreversible."

My heart fell to my stomach with a hard thump.

"This would eliminate the risk that Sean would get to you. You would be unusable to him." She smiled brightly, proud of herself. "So he would leave you alone."

My throat felt dry. I whispered hoarsely, "Or they might just kill us both for betraying your laws."

But I wasn't thinking about my words as I said them. My mind was occupied with going over Isabel's suggestion and the more the cogwheels turned in my head, the more upset I felt myself becoming.

Isabel shrugged, insensitive to my preoccupation. "Isn't that a chance you're willing to take, considering the alternative?" She lightly bumped my shoulder with her fist. "Come on. Admit it, Parker. You have the hots for my brother. It's not like we'll be forc-"

"Does Max know about this?" I whispered sharply.

Isabel stilled, the smile slipping off her face, her mouth crinkling in dissatisfaction at my lukewarm (more like chilling) reaction to her marvelous idea. "We've discussed it."

Her matter-of-fact statement made my anger flare.

"You've-" I sputtered.

The reason behind my reaction was slowly dawning on Isabel's face, her eyes turning cautious and worried, "No. No, it's not like that."

"I-" I clenched my fists tightly against my sides, pulling in a sharp breath. The anger was all-consuming. "I need to go."

"Liz..." Isabel tried, but I shrugged her interfering hands off me and reached for the door.

It wouldn't budge.

"Liz," Isabel said again, coming up behind me.

"Open the door, Isabel," I hissed, not looking at her.

"Just let me explain-"

"Open. The. Door."

Isabel expelled a resigned breath, reached in front of me and put her hand against the lock. Following a brief light emitted from her palm, there was a click as the door was unlocked, and then I was moving through the corridor, back towards the cafeteria.

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