"Sara if you don't get your GOD. DAMN. ASS out here we are leaving you!"

I gave Kam an evil look and then a grin seeing her mom about to pop her in the back of the head. SMACK! I loved her mom she was like a second mom to me. Well actually she was my only mother figure. My mom left my dad and me when I was 2 and my dad is a drunk so I live with Kam and her mom and have for about 5 years.

"What the hell I say 'bout cussin' KK?" Her mom said scolding her.

I chuckled then dropped my last suit case in the back of the car.

"Good now we can go pick up Craig and his stupid friends."


"That's my cousin. At the last second he said him and his friends needed a ride."

"Oh..." I started thinking about how they looked. Hmm... I wonder if they have girlfriends.

"I think two are single."

"Huh!?!?" I said a little loud. "I never-"

"Yeah but you were thinking it. By the way they're all our age. I have no clue what they look like except Craig, and I know we're related so I shouldn't think he's hot anyway but...he's like a total dud to me. I can't believe he has a girlfriend"


"His friends will probably be cuter though!" She said getting her spirits up.

"Ey,KK go get the boys, and when they come Sara help them with they suitcases."

"Okay." We both said in unison.

She stopped the car and Kam got out. I saw her coming back with some people so I assumed it was them and got out of the car and looked out towards them. I couldn't really see because of the sun but once they came closer it was like seeing 4 angels come out of the clouds. All I could think was: Damn!

_____Boys Perspective_____


_____Sara's perspective_____

"Wuzzup cuz?" Craig said hugging me. I was a little taken back and froze up a bit. "Yo, it's all good Sara we fam! Oh and most people call me Prodigy or Prod, not Craig-aiight?"

"Boy quit tryin' to get fresh and put your shit in the back of the car." Kam's Mom said thumping him.

I looked down and laughed and when I came up there was another guy in front of me. He was taller than the others and had a big afro.

"Hey, I'm Jacob-but you can call me Princeton." He said with a bit of a Hispanic accent sticking out his hand.

I shook it then said "I'm Sa-"

"Sara we know!" The shortest one-who was still taller than me-said. "Wuzzup-I'm Ray Ray!"

I looked around both of them and saw another one who had his hair in a pony tail with a hat on. I let go of Princeton's hand and started going over to him.

"Ah, ah, ah senorita. I would not do that if I were you. He's a little tense at the moment." Princeton said stopping me.

"Ha, ya poor guy..." Ray Ray said.

"Eh, she was a hoe anyway." Prodigy added.

"What h-" I began

"Girl fr-well ex girl friend now is preggers." Princeton interrupted.

"Yeah she's not our age though, she's 15." Prod said.

"Yeah and it wasn't even hi-" Ray Ray started to say when the other guy put his hand on his shoulder.