Chapter One - Packing

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A/N: Hi guys! I've never written a reader insert before so I hope you all enjoy. Please leave comments and feedback! All original content from HP belongs to J.K. Rowling. enjoy xx

"Severus, have you got your stuff?" you yell across your small flat.

"Do I have to go?" you heard him whimper back.

"You're the one who wanted to come!" you reply back in a mater-of-factly tone.

"I know but" he appears in the door way to the room. He looked at you nervously.

"But what?"

"What if"

"What if what?!" you ask impatiently.

"What if they don't like me?" he looked at the floor. You were shocked as you looked at the always proud Severus Snape sulking. You walked over to him and put your hand on his chin raising his head up.

"Since when do you care what other people think of you?"

"Well I usually don't, but this is different" he looked at you fidgeting.

"They aren't that bad. Please stop worrying, plus I'll be there the whole time" you slide your hands into his and kiss his cheek. He looked at you again.

"A whole 2 weeks without magic?" you grimace on the inside. Just before the war you erased all of their memory of you being a witch or any magic at all.

"Only in front of them" you say reassuringly. You let go of his hand and return to packing. He turned to leave the room and then you turn around.

"Oh and babe?"

"You know I don't like that pet name and yes?" you giggled slightly at him. He was wearing his usual black robes with a black vest.

"You need muggle clothes" he cringed at the thought. You saw his face and you wrapped your arms around him.

"You know I'd prefer you in nothing at all" you whispered slyly into his ear. He blushed furiously.

"(Y/N), we are talking about seeing your family and that is highly inappropriate" he said nervously. You smiled and wrapped your leg around his.

"You know we have a little time.."

"No! (Y/N) W-we have to go"

"Ok fine, but this isn't over" you said giving him a seductive look and a wink.

"Accio suitcase" Severus' bags came in the room.

"Is this enough stuff?" He said. You open his bag and look through his stuff noticing an important missing item.

"Where's your wand?"

"Here" he pulled it out of his holster.

"Ugh, no sweetheart" you shake your head.

"I'm not leaving my wand" he said sternly. you smile and shake your head again.

"Fine just keep it hidden" you say.

"Ok ready to go?" you look at him with concern.

"Yes, I am" he looks up and walks towards the door. You decide to walk to the train station, since it's not very far away.


Severus sat opposite you in the carriage. It was about a 3 hour ride. You were reading a muggle comic.

"What is a 'Batman'? Is he a mutated being? Does he collect bats? What is he?" you smiled at his confused face.

"Oh, so much to learn"

"There's no way they are going to think I'm normal" he looked out the window. You switched sides and sat next to him.

"I don't do normal" You said resting you head on his shoulder.

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