Can I?

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"SLAVE!" Sonic.exe yelled as was getting annoyed . "coming master " Y/N said as you come in his room with best marks and scares all over your arms. "About time you came you useless child now entertain me. " he said in a harsh manner, you didn't know how to entertain a person who hates you to death and beats you every time he sees you u started to burst out in tears, because you where so scared. Sonic.exe watch you crying and smirks "ahh a child of pain I love it !" he clapped, you didn't know what was going on you try to stop but couldn't that's when he got up and walked to you and lift your head up "Child dont cry okay?" you nodes and dry your tears "Now go to your room to rest you had enough suffer for one day" you left without a word and sat in your room 'am I in love with him....nahh I can't be ......can I?"


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