Chapter 4

Melissa's P.O.V.

He advanced on me before I could even open my mouth to respond. I stepped back, hoping to widen the distance between us, but whenever I took a step back he took wider steps closer. I kept backing away until I hit a wall making an 'umph' sound. He quirked his luscious, soft looking lips into a smirk when my back hit the wall. As he closed the distance between us, practically pinning me against the wall with his body, his eyes trailed up and down my body until they finally met my eyes. His gaze no longer held the predator stare it had just moments ago, they now held a tenderness. A gaze that only existed in movies, or so I thought.

''Well?'' He asked. His lips were so close to my face that I could feel his warm breath on my cheek. I averted my gaze to the ground, and tilted my head slightly. It took me a few seconds to register that he said something.

''What?'' He chuckled at my lack of attention at the moment. That brought me back to my sarcastic, strong-willed self.

I tried to push him away from me but when I placed my hands on his chest to push him away, he had grabbed hold of both my hands in his own and held them to his chest.

''Excuse me?'' I snapped my eyes back to his, sudden anger boiling in my chest. I tried to pull away while trying not to get lost in the sensations that came with the physical contact.

Uh oh. That feeling has only ever been described in our history as the love-touch, or any physical contact between were-mates. I didn't want an alpha mate! Especially one who dressed his pack members in these uniforms! They were degrading and slutty! I began to panic and tried to get as far away from this guy as I could. I just needed to think about this sudden revelation and with him around that was nearly impossible.

I squirmed away from his grasp on my hands, and tried to wriggle out from under his muscular body which now had me pinned against the wall. He pushed harder against me, forcing me to stop moving and lowered his gaze to my eyes, I again averted my gaze away from his.

He sighed then pinned both my hands between our stomachs and used his now free hands to grasp my waist and the other to cup my cheek.

''So beautiful.'' He muttered to himself, which caused me to blush unwillingly.

''I love when you blush because of my words, or is it my touch?'' He asked himself. ''No matter the cause, I love the feel of your cheeks reddening under my palm, lovely little mate.'' He whispered close to my ear. Wait, what? I didn't even know he leaned in! What was he doing to me? I was never this gaga over anybody or any body!

I felt the corner of his lips on my cheek as he spoke in my ear again.

"I can't wait 'till I have you screaming.'' I shuddered involuntarily at his words; I knew very well that he had the ability to make me scream. He pulled away slowly until our gazes were locked once again, and he started leaning in again except this time his intentions were to kiss me. I just stared wondrously at his lips, wondering if his lips were warm just like the rest of him was. I unconsciously leaned in, letting my curiosity get the best of me. He smiled one last time before he closed his eyes. With only an inch between us, I felt his hands move on my waist. His hands had been tense the whole time yet oddly warm. His hands brought me back to reality once again. Damn, why do I keep getting sidetracked? I know this guy was my mate but that didn't mean I liked him, and it certainly didn't mean I wanted to be involved with him. Though there was a part of me – and that part was my wolf that was howling at me to turn my head and kiss him – but the human part of me knew that it was wrong to kiss anyone after only knowing them for five minutes.

His lips met my cheek and I felt him stiffen.

''No.'' I said. He sighed and placed his forehead on my still turned head.

''Why not?'' He asked in a husky, frustrated voice. His breath met my cheek again and I savored its warmth.

''Because I don't know you!'' I said. He grasped my chin and none-to-gently forced me to meet his gaze.

He didn't say anything, but he simply sighed.

''We will get to know each other and I will kiss you.'' He stated simply which made me angry.

''And what makes you think I'll accept you? Maybe I won't like who you are? Has that thought ever crossed your mind?'' I yelled at him, getting angrier by the second. How dare he assume I would just accept him? Especially after assigning these uniforms to his school?

His eyes flashed dangerously and I was suddenly afraid of this handsome beast standing in front of me.

''What makes me think such things is the fact that we are mates, and I will not accept anything but your acceptance.'' His voice was hard and very controlled. I didn't say anything.

He stepped back letting my hands fall from where they were and I let out a breath. He spun around so all I saw was his backside and let me tell you, even though he seemed completely unbearable, he had a very nice ass. And his back was just as muscular as his front. He had wide shoulders, and physique radiated power.

I used my only chance of escape  and got out of there, but just before I reached the exit he said something that made me both shiver in anticipation yet freeze in fear.

''Oh and Melissa? Get to know your pack, you'll be helping me lead them one day.'' And with that I ran out of the office.




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