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This is just a preview of the actual story to give you a little more insight into the characters as opposed to the shorter story description.


The actual story is written in Ariel's POV ('I', First Person). I hate third person (He, She). This is a humor, adventure, and teen fiction story. There might be a little romance here and there as well, but nothing to bad.. Since this isn't really a lovey-dovey book.




Ariel Bennett is a bad girl.

She may not do drugs, she may not go to street fights, but she has a knack for getting into trouble with authority. Whether she’s partying with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Ash, or plotting her next step in her war with Becca, the schools head Barbie, she’s always finding herself in some kind of mess.

Blake Winters is the average good guy.

He gets good grades, has two trustworthy best friends, lives with no adventure, and he’s never had a real girlfriend. He’s always reading, always learning more. He avoids tough guys and jocks in the hallway. He was a sheltered child growing up and still is now that he’s in 11th grade.

Ariel and Blake meet in detention. Blake hopes to never see her again, beliving she is a trouble child. However, he doesn't notice that Ariel, being a bad girl, wants a little contrast in her life to her self-destructive habits. In a way, she wants his good guy charm.

Apparently Blake is yummy in her eyes, and she won't stop until his innocence is hers...

(...Not like taking his virginity or anything, LOL. Or.. maybe. Who knows? ;)...)


When I picture Ariel as Taylor Momsen, I mean in her post-racoon eyes stage. I want her to be naturally pretty, not covered in makeup. She doesn't dress as slutty (Momsen wears lingerie when performing on stage), but still kind of revealing. And she doesn't always look dead like Taylor Momsen does.


Any and all votes & comments are MUCH appreciated! (:

DO YOU LIKE THE TITLE? I don't know what to name this to capture readers.. So if you have an idea, let me know!

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