The New Guy 1

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ok this is only my second story and i hope u guys enjoy it!! pic of Jenny ------------->>


(Jenny's P.O.V.)

It was just another average day. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and go to school. I just pulled up in the school parking lot and took a spot next to my best friend’s car. i turned off the car and walked out, only to see my friends Marissa, Ashley, Rachel, and Carolyn gathered in their own circle. That’s strange, usually they just lean on Marissa's car and chat. when they saw me get out, they all immediately ran to me.

"Oh my God have you heard?" they all started to shout. I backed up a little so i could get a little space from them. They usually overreact about new stuff going on. Especially at school.

"No, what is it this time? Max got another car?" I asked sarcastically. Max is one of our many guy friends that hang with us during lunch. They all looked at me as if my brain was popping out of my head.

"No! There’s a new guy at school and he’s H. O. T. T. hot!" Rachel yelled while jumping up and down a little.

"Rache, hot has only one T" I corrected her, she just looked at me.

"Oh come on! You know I always put an extra T when it comes to sexy guys."

"Yeah she's right. Usually I don’t like her taste in guys, but I’m agreeing now!" Ashley screamed with delight.

"Come on guys. You know I’m not interested in this kind of stuff." it’s true. I’m not one for gossiping about guys or school dances or other girl obsessed things. I try to humor them most of the time, and they take what they can get.

"Yes. We all know your lesbian but do you really have to show it every day?" Carolyn asked with a grin on her face. we all sat there in silence until we all busted out laughing.

Our conversation ended when the bell rang for our first class. We all grabbed our stuff and headed our different ways. Except for me and Carolyn, we had class together. We walked into chemistry and took our seats next to each other. We started talking about random stuff like an octopus being tied to a tree, and other things like that. The bell rang again and Mr. Hilde walked in with a guy. He must be the new kid all my friends are obsessing over. I looked at him for a moment, he was actually really hot. They told the truth this time. He started looking around the classroom and our eyes met. He instantly stopped and stared in my eyes with his icy blue ones. All of a sudden, I got a chill running down my spine. It was almost 80 degrees out so it couldn’t be that I was cold. I looked away from him and Carolyn started talking.

"Oh my god! He was looking right at you! I think he likes you!" she whispered to me.

"Oh yeah, he’s totally checking out my hotness." I said sarcastically and we both started giggling.

"Class, this is our new student, Scott. I want you all to make him feel welcomed, so be nice!" Mr. Hilde yelled.

Scott kept staring at me and it was starting to creep me out. The cold chill down my spine began to get worse, I couldn’t help but shiver. I looked away again and tried to concentrate on something else.

"Scott, why don’t you have a seat behind Jenny. Jenny raise your hand!" Mr. Hilde yelled again.

of course he ends up sitting near me. Something I don't want usually happens to me anyway. i lazily raised my hand and Scott walked over and took his seat behind me. Hilde began talking about some new project we have to do about dissecting frogs. After that, I zoned out and started doodling on the handout that was passed out. I jumped a little when i felt someone tapping my shoulder. I slowly turned around and faced Scott. He just stared at me and then handed me a folded piece of paper.

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