Not a update

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Ok so I have a break off school hears why. Its like a fall break thing so I have 4 days of so I have Friday,Saturday, Sunday,Monday off. So I will update allot in that period of time. The only day I might not update would be Saturday because I have a volley ball game. I know I know but apparently im on my electronics to much so I do participate in volley ball ;) So this will be my schedule.

Friday-3 chapters

Saturday- maybe 2 chapters

Sunday-3 chapters

Monday-4 chapters

That's how much I will be updating. I also have a question do you guys want me to continue my other story or focus on this story mostly? Let me know in the comments? In my other story I have some options for upcoming storys so check that out. I apologize in advance for spelling and grammar i do proof read it because I know that it really bothers some peaple. I update allot in short periods of time because being someone who hates slow updates I choose to update quick and allot. Well that's all. Love you all. :~)

-Phatpanda55 ✌

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