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The Fly (English assignment)

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 Ring! Ring! " Hello?" he answered,"What? She was where? I'll deal with her!" I watched his every move, with my little fly eyes, as he approached Miranda, the love of my life, from the comfort of the wall.

“Why did you lie to me?” he questioned, “ I thought you were visiting your mother?” he asked quite calmly.

“I – I ummm………. I did visit her Liam.” She replies hesitantly .

“ Liar !” he bellowed as he roughly grabbed at her collar.

How dare he touch my Miranda , my oh so beautiful Miranda with her curly brown locks and beautiful green eyes. I was awoken from my trance when I heard Liam’s hand connect with the side of Miranda’s face. “Oh no he didn’t!” I thought to myself, I looked into Liam’s eyes, filled with rage and it was then that I knew I had to protect her.

Before his hand could make contact again, I buzzed around his ears making him lose his focus while I screamed to the top of my itsy bitty fly lungs, “Run Miranda ! Run!” unfortunately, before I could call out again Liam swatted me away, I was thrown across the room.

“ I thought you promised not to lie to me , Miranda?” Liam asked.

“I swear Liam, I never lied before in my life until that day!” She said narrowly escaping another slap. I mustered all my strength and once again tried to defend her. This time I went by her ear and whispered “Miranda run! I will protect you , run!” but to my disappointment  she swatted me away. So I made my way towards Liam where I rested on his arm. As I had planned he tried to squash me but instead hit himself, so I rested on his nose “ Stupid fly!” he exclaimed as he hit himself again. This time I was bound to free Miranda. I buzzed by Liam’s ear and he kept trying to kill me

I was winning this battle. Or so I thought. Soon enough the intoxicating scent of bug spray engulfed me. I began to lose control over my tiny limbs. I was dying, I had failed my mission, but soon enough I realised that Liam was still looking for her. That means that she got away. I guessed I did saved her after all.

As my heart’s pace began to slow I pictured Miranda’s smiling face and said “ At least I died saving the love of my life,” and with that last image in my head I was taken by the ‘Angel of Death’ .

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