A Brand New Day! Dance Magic Dance!

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The next day, Jareth woke Roselea to a wonderful surprise, it was in a room of the castle.

As they step toward the room, Roselea saw her surprise, a wonderful Piano!

It was very beautiful, a dark oak grand piano.

"I knew you loved music and the Labyrinth, so as the Princess of the Goblins, you have to help me protect the castle by being able to control the Labyrinth as I have done." Jareth had said, with a smile upon his face, and Roselea running to the instrument and starting to play.

The Labyrinth then changed by the sound of the sweet music, the trees blooming flowers and even vines growing along the brick wall.

As if this present wasn't enough for the little Fae, Jareth took Roselea to the Labyrinth, to the new Garden of the Labyrinth.

She saw it and she was happy, and dancing in her new garden.

"You wanted your own place in the Labyrinth, and this place looked like the perfect size for a wonderful garden." Jareth explained and Roselea pulled him into the flowers with her.

They laughed and were having fun, then they went back to the castle.

Rosalea and Jareth changed out of their dirty clothes and went into the throne room.

Where they happily sang and danced for they have forever learned from their mistakes, and lived in the castle beyond the Goblin City,protected by the Labyrinth.

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