A Gift to Daniel Kyre

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Now, I know I'm late on this but it's taken it a while to sink in, for me to not break down trying to draw this, so I'm sorry. But as some or all of you may know, Daniel Kyre from Cyndago has passed on. This is my gift to him. Think of it as a parting gift, something that I can remember him by and if he's out there somewhere, something he can remember me by. I know it looks really bad, but I'm proud that my first attempt at realism could be of you, Daniel.

We must remember though, Daniel Kyre is not dead. A person is dead, only after you forget them, and Daniel will never be forgotten. So he may not be with us on Earth anymore, but he is not dead. 

We love you Daniel. You will always stay alive in our hearts and memories <3

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