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Annabeths P.O.V

The next day at school Percy ignored us. The usual , at

lunch we decided to approach him again.... This time

were duck taping Leo's mouth shut . Anyways...we

walked up to him in his usual corner and sat across

from him. He ignored us intell Leo said "so you can sing"

he looked up I slapped Leo up side the head. He took out

a piece of paper and wrote 'how do you know I sing' "we

walked under your window on are way to the ....store" I

replied hastily. "So" Jason dragged on " why do you

write when you can sing" he sighed took out another

piece of paper .' you know legally blind people were

they can see but not well. Im basicly legally mute its a

birth defect. I can talk but if I do i have a 98% chance of

going completely mute so I only do it when im upset' he

wrote. Oh he is mute now I feel bad. I can see the guilty

look on Leo's face.'now bye' he wrote and ran off. Well

he sure is interesting.

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