Chapter 2 The Power And The Name

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His aunt's wedding was coming soon. All of the family members were so happy to see his aunt get married, but not Charles. On the day of his aunt's wedding, Charles was wearing a black tuxedo, with a red tie, his mother's flower bow and his dad's tuxedo hat. When they arrived at the wedding, everyone sitted down and waited for the bride to get married. At that time that's when Charles decided to run away (before he ran away he threw away his mom's flower bow and his dad's tuxedo hat because he was mad at them); no one noticed his disapperance untill the wedding was over. While everyone was trying to figure out what was going on, Charles was running as fast and far as he could in the woods. While running he started to hear some screams and cryings. He didn't know what it was, but he didn't care. He kept running and running and running... Untill he came upon a forest that he felted connected to, it was an enchanted forrest. He stayed in the enchanted forrest for a long time untill one of the echanted trees branches met with him and gave him some powers. One of powers was having some tenticles grow out of his back (there suppose to be branches not octopus tenticles). These powers also gave him the ability to turn really tall. With these two powers Charles thought that he can use these powers to help people. He was training his powers, untill he was ready to help people. But before he would set out on an aventure, he didn't wanted anyone to recognize him. So what did he do: He made or found a completly blank white mask, and some black gloves to cover his face and dna so no one would identify him. Then he seated off to adventure. He went from country to country, state to state... and so on. He mostly save's little childrens cats from trees. Everyone knew who he was, and because of his height and streeching ability people started calling him, "Slenderman" (it has the word man at the end because no one knew he was a little boy, plus because of the streeching ability he mostly looked like a man.)

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