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I found this picture on twitter and idk i feel like it should be here


I flicked hopelessly through my very little amount of contacts in my shitty iPhone 4 which had less than ten percent battery.

"Our only option left is Devon. And I doubt she'll let us stay with her and her family."

Harry gave me a pitiful look.

I rolled my eyes. "I'll call her."

I put my phone closely to my ear as it rang quietly, and she picked up after three rings. "Uh... Hi?"

"Devon," I breathed in relief as she answered. "I know we haven't been talking much lately and I'm sorry... But I'm in trouble and I need your help."

"We haven't talked in weeks and you only call me when you want something-"

"You know I wouldn't ask you unless it was important," I ushered, giving Harry looks of horror as a sign that this wasn't going to end well. "I need a place to stay for a few days."

She let out a large, exhausted sigh. "Uh... I-I guess I can work something out with my parents."

"Can Harry stay too?"

There was a very long silence after that.

Harry crossed his arms and stared at the floor as he was merely awaiting the rejection which we both knew was coming.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh..." She dragged mercilessly. "That's kind of... That would be a problem."

I shook my head at Harry with a thumbs down, so then he made his hand into a gun and pointed it at his head before pulling the trigger. It was slightly dramatic, but at the same time it was completely appropriate to contemplate ending your life when you didn't have a penny to your name.

"Alright," I mumbled. "Never mind, then."


I hung up. But I regretted it instantly because I realised how mean that was.

"That wasn't very nice." Harry spoke.

"I know," I whined, shivering as I put my phone back into my jean pocket and crossing my arms for warmth. But Harry sensed my discomfort and stepped forward with his arms wrapping around my waist. I leaned my whole body into his and tried my best to not let my teeth restlessly chatter. "But I'm freezing, hungry and tired with no place to stay."

His hands reassuringly rubbed my back up and down, his fingertips gently tracing my spine. "Then go home. I don't get why you're choosing to stay with me when you already have somewhere to go."

I engulfed myself in his warm embrace and tiredly closed my eyes, my forehead nuzzling into his chest. "I know I'm independent and put myself first but... I don't want to leave you."

He ironically laughed a little as he tightened his hold around me. "I'll be alright by myself. I can figure something out before it gets dark."

I oddly eyed my cold, dim surroundings as we stood beside our suitcases at the back of the Indian restaurant, Taj. We had been wandering the place for a while in search of someplace to stay, and it was kind of warm to be standing at the back. And the smell was delicious.

"It is dark," I rolled my eyes. "And I don't want to go home, period. It'll make my mother feel like she's right and I'm wrong."

He pulled away from our hug and gently traced his bottom lip with his index finger and thumb while staring at me in delirious thought.

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