13 || The Beginning of Betrayal

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It had been almost a week since Rehaan came back to India and Sidharth had been quite busy ever since then. His stress level had doubled now as he had to make sure the plan that he had made with so much hard work doesn't go in vain and also he had to make sure of Rehaan's security as Rehaan wasn't exactly very safe in India.

But even after all the stress and tension, Sidharth was fine because he now knew that Khushali loved him back, though not as much as she loved Sagar but she still did. And he was okay with it, because he too still harboured some feelings for Mayera, which he knew would eventually fade with time as obviously she had once been a big part of his life and he still had this little guilt in his heart for breaking up with her.

But rest everything seemed under controlled to him. After so much hard work and planning, everything was going by his plan and now all he had to do was tell Khushali the truth because it was high time for her to know everything that she was never aware of. But he just couldn't bring himself to confess his sins to her because he was way more scared of losing her now. Yet he had no choice then to do this as it was the only way he could save everyone from the marsh they were getting deeper in with each passing day. Unfortunately Khushali, innocent yet was stuck in the deepest pit because of him and Sagar.

Yes, Sagar! He was the one because of whom Khushali first got involved in this. And even now he was the one because of whom she was being targeted. Sagar was equally responsible for Khushali's state, as Sidharth. But he was dead now, so he didn't have to go through the trauma that Sidharth was going through and Sidharth couldn't do anything to end this battle going on inside him.

He had been asked by Rehaan and others to tell Khushali everything as soon as possible so that they all could get done with the plan, but alas, only if he had enough guts to do so. The danger that was hovering over them was of such high magnitude that he had made Arhaan exclude his sister from all the further plans as it could cost her life as well and he would be damned if his sister ever got hurt because of him. And it made sense that the man who couldn't see his sister in pain, and would ever consider putting his own wife into such grave danger, when he knew well how many people were still behind her life because of his and Sagar's mistakes. But not everything was in his hands, and the impending danger was certainly one of them.

He was thinking about the risk they were taking now, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up immediately, coming out of his thoughts and saw his sister, Kavya, looking at him with a worried look on her face. His face instantly mirrored the same expressions as her, as he knew what she was worried for.

Shifting a little, he made space for Kavya to sit and taking her soft little hand in his own, said caringly, "You're worried for Arhaan, aren't you? Don't worry baby everything will be fine. Nothing would happen to him or anyone else."

"I want to believe that Bhai, but we both know how hollow that assurance is when everything is at stake. And the worst part is, we can't tell mom or dad or Aditya Bhai or Meher Bhabhi or anyone else anything about what is actually going on. Why is this happening with us Bhai? Why?" And with that, Kavya broke into tears as she could no longer hold herself together.

Sidharth eyes turned moist seeing his baby sister cry hysterically. Somewhere, along with Khushali, Kavya too was unintentionally dragged into this dirty game. He remembered how happy she was when she and Arhaan got married almost two years back and now how silent she had become because of the hovering fear of losing her husband or her family, and even then she had to pretend that everything was fine. And it wasn't her fault either because any sane girl, who knew well that her husband and her family, both were in danger, would become emotionally and upto an extent mentally tormented, knowing well that she was helpless and couldn't do anything to save them.

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