Chapter 34

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Mira's POV
"Sooo how was your date with Derek?" Rina asked me the next day.
"It was ok. It went well for me but not so well for Derek." I meant to say the last part under my breath but Rina must've heard because she started glaring at me.
"What did you do?" She demanded.
"Well we went to this fancy restaurant and I ordered spaghetti and meatballs. We made small talk. I learned his favorite color. Uh, what else? Oh yeah, he has a little brother Cameron's age." I ramble on, trying to distract Rina. Unfortunately, it didn't work.
"Jayaskedmetobehisgirlfriend." I blurt out in a rush.
"Repeat. Slower."
"Damn, someone's pushy today." I mutter.
"Ok fine. Jacob and Jay showed up and interrupted before we even got the food. Jay asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes." I glance up at Rina, expecting the worse. Instead, I'm surprised went I see her grinning evilly at me.
"About time.' She exclaimed.
"What?" I respond dumbly. Rina rolled her eyes and sighed like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"I set you up. I knew Jay would never ask you out unless he knew you were going on a date with someone else. I played you all." She smirked.
"You're evil." I say in awe.
"Thank you. I learn from the best." She winked at me and I knew she was referring to me as the best. It's true, I taught her all the evil ways. Before I met her, she was a sweet, innocent little girl. Then I came in and corrupted her. I'm pretty proud of myself.
"The student has become the master." I say.
"Nah, I just sat there and thought 'What would Mira do?' And it just came to me."
"Nice.. Wait, what about Derek? Was he part of the plan too?"
Rina instantly sobers up and flushes red.
"Um no. That just sorta happened. I was planning on paying someone but then Derek came along and actually liked you so I just went with it." She explains sheepishly.
"Poor Derek. Oh wells."
"Anyway, enough about your love life. Matts friend is throwing a party tonight and we're going."
"I have no say in this?"
"Nope. You can even invite Jacob and Jay." She put emphasis on Jay's name.
"No thanks."
"To bad you're going."
"Going where?" a voice asks. Rina and I simultaneously look up and see Jacob standing in the doorway.
"Who let you in?" Rina demands.
"Your mom. I looked for you at Mira's house but Della said you were over here. You guys rarely come over here."
"Get out!" Rina attempted to throw a pillow at him but he easily caught it.
"So, where are we going tonight?" He asked and sat down next to us on the bed. Rina tried to shove him off but he didn't move an inch.
"Rina wants us to go to some stupid party. Help me." I whine.
"You, me, Jay."
"You're going." Rina tells me.
"Am not."
"Are too."
"Am not."
"Ok, how bout we compromise." Jacob suggests.
"Go on." Rina drawls.
"Rina goes with Matt and then I'll take Mira later. That way, she goes but isn't there the entire time."
"But-" I start to complain but Rina cuts me off. "That's a perfect solution. The party starts at 7 so you better be there at 8."
"Ugh." was my response.
"Great so I'll be at your house at 6 to get ready. Jacob, you need to text Jay."
"Jay can't go. He has to go to his cousins birthday party."
"I don't really care. Now both of you, get out!" Rina gives us both a shove and I glare at her.
"Someone's pushy." I mumble but get up anyway.
"I dislike you." I grumble.
"You know you love me." Rina replied with a smirk.
"Ow stop yanking!"
"I'm not yanking."
"Yes you are. I don't understand why you need to curl my hair when it's already curly." I complain.
"Your hairs wavy, not curly. And this is our first party, you gotta look pretty."
"It's close enough to curly. Are you done yet?"
"You're such a kid. Yes I'm done."
I quickly got out of the chair before she decided it wasn't good enough. For the past hour, she's been poking me and pulling my hair no forcing me to try on cloths and slathering makeup on me.
"You look amazing." She says.
"So do you."
I was wearing a light blue dress with my leather jacket and combat boots and Rina was wearing a white skirt with a pink crop top and a black sweater.
"Matts here, gotta go. See you in an hour."
"Ya ya."
Rina left and I sat on the bed, trying to decide what to do. I desperately wanted to take a nap but I knew it'd mess up my hair and makeup. Rina would kill me if I messed it up.
Eventually, I read my book. I got bored with that though so I decided I'd just walk over to Jacob's early.
I knocked on the door. No response. I knocked again and again until he finally answered.
"What?" He snapped.
"Calm down Mr. Grumpy pants. I was just bored and decided to come over early."
Jacob walked back inside without another glance at me but left the door opened. He disappeared upstairs and I decided to follow.
"Leave me alone." He said when he noticed me following him.
"No thanks." I replied and continued following him. Gosh, this guy has such mood swings.
"I don't wanna go." I whine and sit on his bed.
"Tell it to someone who cares."
"Well I thought you cared but never mine. Geez."
He didn't reply so I decided to keep talking.
"Can't we just not go? I desperately don't feel like socializing today."
"I told Rina I'd bring you there."
"Ugh fine."
Jacob turned on the tv and we sat and watched The Big Bang Theory.
I didn't realize the time until Rina texted me at 8:43.
'Where the hell r u??'
"Shit! We're late." I slapped Jacob on the shoulder, trying to wake him up. He opened his eyes a bit and glanced at the clock on his nightstand. He shrugged a shoulder and closed his eyes again.
"Jacob!" I whacked him again. I jump off the bed and turn off the tv.
"I thought you didn't even want to go." He mumbles groggily.
"I don't but Rina will kill me. Jacob we gotta go."
"Why? So we can stand in a corner and feel unwelcome do by a bunch of drunk people we don't even like?"
"You have a point."
"Plus, I doubt Rina will even remember tonight. She'll probably be to drunk off her ass to remember if you came or not."
"Super, glad we came to an understanding. Turn the tv back on."
"No I'm gonna go home then."
"Let's have movie marathon and make it interesting." He seems fully awake now.
"Interesting? How?"
"Whoever falls asleep first has to do whatever the other tells them for a whole day."
"Deal. You can pick the movie first."
And that's how my Saturday night went, Jacob and I trying to stay awake. And at 5:22, Jacob closed his eyes and started snoring. I got out my phone and took a picture so I could use it as prof in case he didn't believe me. Then, at 5:30, I fell asleep curled up next to him.
"Mira, wake up. I won." Someone nudged me and I moaned and rolled over.
"Go away Rina."
"It's not Rina."
When I finally realized it was a male voice, my eyes popped open.
"Yep. I won, you're my slave." I rubbed my eyes and checked the time. It was now 11:15 and I had only gotten six hours of sleep.
"No, I won." I told him and at up.
"No, when I looked at you at 6, you were asleep."
"Yes but at 5:30, you were asleep." I got out my phone and showed him the picture.
"Shit, you're right."
"I'm always right."
"She's always right." Someone echoes. Jacob and I looked up and Jay was staring at us funny.
"What are you doing here?" I ask him.
"Better question is why is my new girlfriend and my best friend curled up next to each other, inches from kissing?"
I glanced and saw the little amount of space between Jacob and I.
"Because we had a movie marathon. I won and now I get to boss around Jacob." I said proudly.
"Hand me my phone, would ya Jacob?"
"But Jay's closer he can get it." He whines.
"Ya but I want you to get it."
"Fine." He slowly got up and grabbed my phone.
"Think fast." He blurted and chucked my phone at me. Without even looking, I reach out and catch my phone. I look up at Jacob and smile sweetly. His eyes are wide in surprise and even Jay seemed shocked.
"How'd you do that?"
"Because I'm awesome." I reply and scroll through my Instagram.
"No seriously?"
"Seriously, I'm awesome. Plus, I have a little brother and sister who throw things at me. You learn to have peripheral vision."
"That was cool."
"I know. Now, Jacob carry me home." I lift my arms up, waiting.
"Hell no."
"You lost so you have to carry me home."
"I'll carry you." Jay suggests. Jacob pretends to gag and I laugh.
"That's sweet but no thanks. Jacob is my bitch for today. I'm gonna make him suffer. Now carry me Jacob."
Jacob muttered cuss words as he walks over to me. He picks me up with a grunt and mumbles something about me being fat.
"Jay, will you please take a picture for me." I hand Jay my phone and he snaps pics as we make our way to my front door.
Before Jacob can even move to open the door, it swings open.
"Where the hell have you been?" Rina demands. Then, she bursts out laughing when she sees Jacob struggling with my weight and Jay taking pictures.
"I don't even want to know. Inside. Now." Rina commands when she finally stops laughing. Jacob sets me down and I start to protest.
"Carry me upstairs slave!"
"We're just gonna go. I don't wanna deal with Rina's wrath."
"Here's your phone. Text me later." Jay hands me my phone and they both quickly walk away.
I follow Rina up to my room and she taps her phone expectingly.
"Well Jacob wouldn't take me." I attempt to throw him under the bus.
"Well it's partially true. We came to an agreement that we didn't want to go. Then, we decided to have a movie marathon. I won our bet so now I get to boss him around. Sorry?"
"Apology not accepted."
"You know you can't stay mad at me. Pwease forgive me?"
Rina continues to glare at me but soon softens.
"Fine. I forgive you."
"Did you mention you're controlling Jacob for the day?"
"Oh this will be fun." She smiled evilly.

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