After a month...

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Read the title of this chapter or you might be confused...!"Oh my god. Look at that girl. She has no fashion sense in her mind." I say as I point to one poor looking girl who doesn't even deserve to be insulted. What a mess I have become into after hanging out with Mackenzie.. She turned me into one of those girly girls who would have to insult the poor, average looking girls to stay in the group if you know what I mean.. Well what they mean because I would never make that kind of rules, or become one of these girls in the first place.. Only if I rejected her kindly offering on the first day of school.. Ha.. My life would be so ordinary, but perfect.. Only if I never made that choice of sitting near that girls.. I learned from my mistake.. >~< I just know if I stop hanging out with them, their target will be directly towards me. -.- I know what that's like. One of them did so, and Mackenzie just flipped out on how she thought that the "ugly, stupid, no brain" girls were to be chosen over her... It was NOT pretty. Well, at least she got out of here.. That's that only thing I can wish for.. To be myself, and to find the one who I could relate to.. I just know Mackenzie isn't the one right now.. She's too.. Perfect.. No. She's too different from me.  

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"Mackenzie..  I want to talk you about something.." I say as I grow in nervousness. "Yes? Ooh~ What did you do?" she asks in curiosity. "Okay. How should I say this..." I say as I fiddle with my hands. "What is it.. -.-" she asks in annoyance. "I don't think it's right for me to hang out with you anymore. I am not the girl you think I am. I'm not as perfect as you, and I feel like I'm pretending to be one. I don't think I would like to pretend to be some else I'm not anymore.. I'm sorry.. I'm just not you.. Hah.." I say as  the Cafeteria suddenly gets quiet. "Excuse me..?" she says after a few seconds. "I'm sorry. You can play with me all you want, but I can't do this anymore. I don't get why you insult poor girls like that. They're the normal ones. And I envy them for that. I want to be normal. Not special. I don't need special." I say as I get out of the Cafeteria with my stuff. What have I done.. I jut have to get over this.. 'm never going to get used to that anyways. Just have to get ready for the attack... >.<

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