63- Boost me up (part 2 )

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For jenniicx .



"You're getting better at this." I heard a voice behind me as I scored another great goal at the left top corner of the net.

Neymar had been helping me with training for three weeks now, and everything seemed to be going fine.

I had developed quite a strong feeling for Neymar, it wasn't a crush anymore but I don't think there will be more, he's here to help , and when it's all done he's going to leave and forget about me.

"It's easy with no goalie ." I said bluntly turning around to face Neymar.

"I don't think any goalie could have reached that shot, it's pretty amazing." he grinned walking closer to me.

"I don't know , i'm still not good to get back with the team." I sighed shrugging my shoulders.

" I know you are ready to go back." He smiled softly.

"Anyway, don't you have training today?" I asked him crossing my arms.

"No we have a day off to relax before the next game. The guys are exhausted , and you don't even know how exhausted it the goalie." he told me with a frown as he sat down on the grass playing with it.

I sat down cross legged in front of him and tilted my head a little to the side.

"Why are you here then ? shouldn't you be resting ?" I asked him.

"I find it more fun here with you." he said smiling at me.

"Oh really ? How about we play a little then ?" I asked standing up and he did the same walking after me.

"Ready to be defeated ?" he asked .

"yeah right , be ready to lose Ney." I challenged him going to get the ball.

"It's on." he grinned following after me.


"I don't even know how you did that!" exclaimed Neymar as we walked away from the pitch after I had won our little duel.

"The important is that I won." I giggled.

"yeah you did." he grinned turning to me.

"So do you want me to give you your prize now ?" he asked me as he stopped walking and stood close in front of me.

"And what would that prize be mister ?" I asked him looking up at him.

"mmh I don't know , I depends." he said as his arm instantly slung around my waist pulling me close to him so that our bodies were touching not leaving any space between us.

"Depends on what ?" I asked him looking up at him as our noses almost touched.

"Depends on you ? Do you want the prize?" he asked me his breath fanning my face.

"Yes." as soon as the word came out of my mouth I felt his warm soft lips on mine

I kissed him back immediately wrapping my arms around his neck.

The kiss was slow and passionate , no tongues involved.

We pulled away and he looked into my eyes a lazy smile on his face.

"what if you had won ? what would you have wanted as a prize ? " I asked him.

"For you to kiss me, and go on date with me." he said grinning.

"Oh yeah ?"

"mmh , but we can still go out right ?" he asked eyes wide which i found really cute.

"yes we can." i told him leaning up and kissing him again.


And done. i sometimes feel like I drift away from the plot though ...






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