Game On

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I rolled over completely falling flat on my floor.
"Shit." I cursed and gasped realizing a big body on my bed. Suddenly the memories of last night came rushing into my head and I sat in shock while staring at Carter.
We did it, we actually hooked up and it was amazing.

But What happens now?

Will things be different or awkward?

Or will we actually go through what he and Sarah suggested at the party? Will we be Fuck buddies?

I immediately froze as the sound of him clearing his throat reached my ears. I glanced at him as he began waking up. His eyes peeked open and looked right at me, he was staring at me for a few seconds before he quickly sat up and headed for the bathroom.

I admired his toned upper body since he was shirtless as he disappeared into my bathroom while shutting the door behind him. I took this time to quickly put my pajamas on since I was completely naked under my sheets that I dragged down with me when I fell off of my bed.

As I dressed myself and checked the time I was happy it was only 7:00am and we weren't late for school. When I heard the shower water running I decided that when Carter walked out of that bathroom I wouldn't say a word. I mean what would I say anyway?

Yay that was great sex but let's get ready for school?..

The sound of my bathroom door opening dragged me out of my head. Our eyes connected automatically.

"Lexi I have to go" Carter cooed smoothly. His voice a deep rich sound making butterflies form in my stomach.

"You have to go?" I whispered.

Why was he leaving? So I was just a booty call? I rolled my eyes feeling my anger rise. This shitty asshole-

"School." Carter added. "Only because it starts in an hour."

Oh duh. I felt stupid for getting angry but I still felt awkward that we had sex and even more awkward that he was about to leave like I was like some hit it and quit it type girl to him, and I knew I wasn't.

As he prepared to leave i preoccupied myself by preparing to change my sheets and make my bed, the only thing that stopped me was when I felt a strong body standing right behind me.

I turned around only to meet Carters chest. I had to look up to see his face.

Carter slightly lifted his hand which found my cheek. "Last night was...." he paused. "Interesting." He smirks while kissing my cheek and then headed for the door.

I smile after him feeling like a silly school girl in love. "Don't be late!" He calls out. I heard his heavy foot steps as he jogged down the steps and then the door slamming.


When I arrived to School the usual scene met my eyes. Everyone standing around their lockers just waiting for class to start.

I spotted Cody at his locker with Nick and two other football guys,
After exchanging a few books out of my locker and saying hi to different people that I occasionally hang out with I decided to go apologize about last night.

"Hey Cody" I interrupted the boys who didn't seem to mind as they eyed me hungrily as if I was the last piece of steak on a plate or something. "Whatsup Lexi?" Cody says nonchalantly. I could tell he was probably pissed about last night. He clenched his jaw And looked hot while doing it.

"Could I talk to you for a minute? Alone?" I stared at all the boys and one of them smirked.

"See ya In class Cody." They mumbled catching my drift and walked away. I cleared my throat while it seemed Cody was acting like he didn't care that I Was Standing in front of him.

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