Jareth To The Rescue!

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Jareth was running though the Labyrinth, still unable to find where Roselea was.

"It's all my fault, I shouldn't have even promised going into the Labyrinth. Let alone let her try to figure out the Labyrinth herself." Jareth thought in his mind, blaming himself for what had happened to Roselea.

" Roselea needed to know, she needs to know the Labyrinth,for she is my daughter and a very talented Fae at that!" He finally made it to where she was, and he saw Roselea in a cage being lowered into the garden.

The beautiful flowers turned deadly, each of them having teeth, and ready to eat anything that was given to them.

Jareth then saw the black barn owl, he created a crystal and threw it at the owl, sending it to the brick wall.

The Fairies started to attack, but Jareth threw a crystal on the ground to trap them.

The owl then attacked again, Jareth then transformed into a pure white barn owl.

The owls then battled, and the owl then had a scratch right on his right eye, and then flew away.

Jareth then transformed out of his owl form, and badly injured.

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