An Owl In a Golden Cage

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Roselea could not transform back out of her owl form, she was in a golden cage.

She looked around and saw a really beautiful flower, a beautiful garden of flowers.

She then saw her captor, a black barn owl. The owl controlled the Fairies from the outside of the Labyrinth, and they were very cruel indeed, just like her father said they would be.

Roselea then tried to break free, but that was impossible.

The owl then broke the cage in frustration, and ordered the Fairies to attack.

She tried to transform back but she was unable to do it, she started to fly again.

The owl then attacked,his talons right beside her throat.

Roselea struggled to get free,but she was not strong enough, she was only a young Fae.

All she could do was wait, to see what happens next.

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