The Essential Elements of Creating An Attractive Presentation

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The slideshow presentation is widely used in your daily life whether you are working or you are a student. If you are working as a manager marketing, you often need create various slideshows to explain or demonstrate your tasks or research with the wise slideshow presentation maker.

As a basic presentation, it should include some basic elements, the following:

Purpose: why you make the slideshow

Hypothesis / Engineering Goals: the brief introduction

Experimental Design and Variables

List of Materials(if in need)

Methods and Procedures



Analysis of Results (If applicable)



Tables, Charts, and Graphs: to present clearly

Photo Album (It should demonstrate important parts of your task. And you may include a short explanation under each photo.)

Sometimes, you can also add images, animations, drawings, or video clips in order to create your own slideshowmore clear and visual. Next I will teach you step by step to make your own slideshow with photos.

How to Create Animated Slideshow for Your Job:

Step 1 Download and install Flash Slideshow Creator.

Step 2 Add files to the slideshow software. After launch it, you just click Add File(s) button to select your files to start making a slideshow. If you need import Flickr photos or YouTube video online, it is available to the drop-down menu of Add tab.

Step 3 Choose the favorite presentation template from build-in beautiful slideshow templates. Here you can add music to make your presentation more vivid.

Step 4 Set the transition effects for your photos. It allows you to make different stunning effects between pictures or videos. If in need, you can edit the photos by the image editing functions, such as rotate, cut, add text and description, and so on.

Step 5 Publish for presenting. You can preview your own slideshow and publish it to show your purpose.

To leave an impression that lives long in the memory, the outstanding presentations seem to have the following in common:

Minimal text

Attractive font choices

Big and bold typography

Smart use of icons

Pictures and background textures

A zero tolerance to typos

10 slides or less

A focus on presenting key messages with clarity

Lots of takeaways

A little humor

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to help you optimize your slides. If you would like to learn more knowledge about making the slideshow, plz welcome to visit the page of Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer.


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