"no i could beat your ass myself , im not the same girl who's ass you beat 4 months ago" Selena snapped. same girl who's ass you beat 4 months ago Kept going threw my head. He hit my imprint and i never new about it. Wait why don't i know about this we never talked about her ex's just never came up. I when to open my mouth to say something but was cut off.

"have a good day Selena" he laughed and walked away

"what did you mean by im not the same girls whose ass you beat" i asked and i seen tears come to her eyes.

"we'll talk later about it later , just please i don't want to cry in public" She said with a crack in her voice. I wrapped her up in my arms and held her close.

"ok later" i whisper


What is Chris going here? I'll never forget the day i tried to break up with him because i found out he was cheating on me and he beat my ass so bad i was in the hospital for 2 weeks , with a broken arm and leg. It was like something possessed him and he just wasn't him anymore. Jake pulled away from the hug and i kept looking around but watching over my shoulder for Jacob , i didn't want to be alone now that Chris was here. I got another outfit and when to the check out with Kim and Rachel.

"$50.00" The cashier said and i handed her my mom credit card. She swiped it and handed me back my card and bags. I waited for Kim and Rachel.

"what store do you guys want to go into" i asked the pack as Jared pushed Seth into a pile of cloths on the floor. I shook my head at them , and laughed.

"the all stars" Seth said getting up. We walked out of forever 21 and when to the all stars , the guys when and looked around while we looked for cloths for them also. I couldn't really find anything that i though Jake would like. For guys who don't like shopping they seem to be enjoying themselves. I love when they have fun doing something other than sitting at Sam's house. they looked around and got a few things and then we when to a few other stores. Nothing really caught my eye in any of the stores , i seen Chris a couple more times but we didn't talk and i stayed close to Jake. I always felt safe around him , i new Jake wasn't going to let anything happen to me. We're are in a shoe store that Jared wanted to come to , to get his shoe's for gym. We were all looking at shoe's , a pair of bright neon purple pair caught my eye. They where cute and perfect for gym , and they would go with my cloths because i bought black alethic shorts and a white t-shirt for gym.

"im hungry" Paul announced and the pack agreed but it was more like Yeah and Same and Me too all at different time.

"Lets buy our shoe's first" Kim said and they groaned. I got the purple shoes in my size and they all bought they're shoes. Jake came over and tried to take my bags.

"no" i said and he frowned

"why let me carry your stuff" he whined

"no im going to look lazy i can carry my own stuff" i said with a smiled and then he smirked at me. oh no , he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and started walking. Kim laughed at me as i blushed a deep red.

"Jake what are you doing" i asked kinda chilling over his shoulder.

"carrying you since i cant carry your stuff" he said with a smirk in his voice.

"fine you can carry the bags" i sighed and he chuckled and sat me back on my feet and i handed him the bags. He chuckled and kissed my forehead as Jared walked up behind me.

"see that didn't kill you , did it" he asked with a smile

"yes it did" I said trying to keep a serious face , he raised an eyebrow at me and i fell back like i died and Jared caught me with a laugh.

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