Chapter 2: Couples

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3 days after rejection...

You decided to hide in your room for the rest two days. You didn’t feel like meeting him or Momoi. It would be awkward… and very embarrassing.

“[Name]-chan! Aomine and I decided to go out together with Kuroko-kun today!” Momoi chirped from another side of the door.

(A/N: It was already middle school last year, and yes, you too attended Teiko middle school together with Aomine and Momoi. You were given a scholarship. You were… very talented and smart.)

“Sorry Satsuki-chan. I don’t feel like going out today.” You replied, when actually you were just scared of seeing Aomine again.

“Come on! Dai-chan’s going to be there.” She said.

And that’s why I don’t want to follow, you wanted to say. But you stayed silent.

With some footsteps leaving the door, you knew she was gone. You moved towards the door to listen to any presence.

“[Name]-chan won’t come out.” Momoi informed, probably to Aomine.

“Huh? Why would you call her? Just leave the loser alone.” That was Aomine.

You smiled weakly. Just leave the loser alone, huh?

“No. She’s coming with us.” Momoi complained.

“Do whatever.” Aomine grunted. More footsteps were heard. The door knob jangled for a while and the lock opened. You mentally cursed the locks for being so easy to pick.

“[Name]-chan! Let’s go! Change your clothes!” She grinned. You tried protesting but she was just too persistant. So you agreed, hoping your best the situations won’t get awkward and to stay away from Aomine as much as possible.

You changed into a blue shirt with a cute girl on it, some sandals and long jeans. You combed your hair a bit, and looked into the mirror.

The girl looked famished, and she had big eye bags drooping. Her skin was too pale to be recognized as that of human and her lips seemed white and dry as paper.

You shrugged. You tried your best to look good, and even bothered wearing a nice shirt instead of usual baggy shirts. You wanted to impress someone.


Even though he has rejected you and even though you knew that there wasn’t any hope… You clung onto the fact that he might accept your feelings. It’s so fucking retarded to do so, and you even slapped yourself for it. But the heart wants what it wants.

As soon as you went out of your room, you regretted it. Aomine was passing by and he saw you. His eyes scanned your outfit with some sort of unsavory. He snorted and went on, without even sparing another glance. Well… so much for your hard work.

You felt insecure. You were about to ditch the hang out and go hiding back to your room when Momoi came and pulled you to the living room.

Kuroko was there. He smiled gently at you and you smiled back.

You were not that friendly with most of the Generation of Miracles. They were friendlier with Momoi. Although they knew you, you were not the type to start a conversation. And they were too busy with their own little dramas to befriend you.

And so you were okay by yourself, being a loner. Some books, a cup of coffee… at one corner of the canteen all alone. Yes. That was your life. And you were satisfied with it…. or so you thought.


You managed to stay away from Aomine so far. But it was hard when Momoi was always around Kuroko. You and Aomine would be the ones left out.

Aomine has been acting quite distant… and has a poker face on him so far. But you knew what his eyes were on.

Momoi’s hands wrapped around Kuroko’s body

Momoi’s smile when she’s with Kuroko

Momoi’s hair which danced gently with the breeze

… everything had to do with Momoi. He has been acting… a bit reluctant to join the two, although he interjects here and there in their conversations, that was all. He would laugh, and smile… but none of those smiles reached his eyes. They lacked something.

You noticed this, as you checked him from afar. He seemed to be lost in thoughts… As you were looking at him, he stared back at you. You quickly averted your eyes but he halted. You were behind him. Momoi and Kuroko were in front of him. You were walking slow on purpose to avoid Aomine.

And now that he stopped…

You continued walking, increasing your pace as you reached Aomine, hoping to skip him. But he pulled your hands. You stopped.

Time stopped.

Everything in the world basically stopped.

“Aomine… kun…” You managed to mutter out.

“About that confession the other day.” He said.

What about it? You wanted to avoid that topic as much as possible but seemingly that isn’t happening. He took your silence as a cue to continue.

“Be my girlfriend.” He said.

Did you hear it right? Was Aomine asking you to be his girlfriend? Is this all a big complicated dream?


“I’m not saying that again.”

“Yes.” You answered. You’ve wanted this for so long. Even though you knew it wasn’t because he truly liked you. Even though you knew it could have been a prank, or even a made up story, or maybe even because of his retarded plans to make Momoi jealous… You agreed.

His eyes then averted to Momoi, who was happily glomping on Kuroko. He sighed.

“Why am I even doing this?” He muttered under his breath. But you heard it.

You surely expected this. It wasn’t because he liked you. But… if you have expected it… why is there this feeling in your heart?... It… hurts…


And from that day, the two of you became couples. Known to the two of you and Momoi. Aomine decided to keep the relationship a bit low key… He didn’t want attention, he said.

Being couples didn’t stop the discrimination, the criticism or the slavery. You still got judged, stereotyped and was forced to do his homeworks. The only difference is Aomine acting sweet to you in front of Momoi.

You never stopped loving him though.

You were told to do this, you would gladly do it.

You were criticized, you would willingly accept the criticism.

You were pushed around, but it didn’t matter as long as it was Aomine.

Yes. You were just that love struck.


But when you see Aomine looking at Momoi with those eyes… When he smiles brightly with her…

Every time he does that…

It hurts more than taking a bullet.

It hurts… It just hurts.

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