The Brotherhood

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Authors note: Trying this out. Adding vampires later. Please read and comment what you think.

CHAPTER 1: Easy Start

The first shot was fired and the grogy looking man went down first. Now the gun was pointed at the scrawny one. Careful aim............... And BAM. The bullet hits something but it's not the man.' Great, now they know we're here. ' Thought Matt. He rolled his eyes and reloaded his AK-47. He knew this mission was going to be hard. Now that everyone knew he was here it was gonna be hard for him to get to the boss. But he just kept shooting. The front was all clear and he decided to advance inside the building. He proceeded with caution towards the inside. He knew there must be at least another 5 guys there. He waited and sure enough, he spotted one around the corner. He shot and the guy fell instantlly with a terrible shriek that kept ringing in his eardrums. He shook it off and headed to the engine room. Incase your wondering, Matt is on a boat in the middle of the carribean. The reason this 17 year old guy was on a ship in the carribean killing people with AK-47s is because he is part of this company called Magnum. Yes, the same Magnum that sells icecream. But Magnum is much more than an icecream company! It's a top-secret assassin agency! These are the good guys. Magnum is sort of like a Brotherhood. And Magnum has a LOT of enemies up it's sleeve. So guys like Matt go around and kill people that have done some sort of treason. But, when he's not killing people Matt is just a normal kid. That's all he ever wanted to be, Was a kid. But not now. NOW he had to focuss on his mission. Matt had finally found his way to the ships headquarters, and he braced himself. Breaking the door open, he flew to his gun. Time seemed to slow down. He went down and thrust a bullet straiht into the chest of the fat guy. When he pulled the trigger to shoot again, he found that he was out of ammo. "Ohhhh damn." Matt soon found a fist in his face. With Matt on the ground the enemy should have ran, but instead he started to kick Matt. Matt grabbed the enemy's leg and brought it to the floor with a powerful swing. They were now rolling around on the floor and Matt knew he had to get this guy off fast. The wrestling continued and soon they were splashing around in the water. Matt knew what the enemy was planning as soon as his hand touched Matts head. The enemy was going to drown Matt. With the overpowering force within him Matt somehow got his nostrils breathing air, and his hand on the enemy's neck. Matt squeezed tighter until his hands were nearly white. But this guy just didn't seem to go down. Then, at that precise moment, Matt let his gaurd down and the enemy once again had Matts head in the water. And this time he wasn't so sure he could get out.

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