Chapter One: Getting Ready

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Waking up the morning of her wedding, Gabriela Wilson smiled to herself as she stared out of her childhood bedroom window; she couldn't believe that she was getting married and today was her big day. 

Gabriela stared out of the window for a moment more, she was glad that it was a sunny day and it made her wonder how perfect her day was going to be. 

Closing her brown eyes, Gabriela's fingers moving to play with the olive wood necklace with circles pendant that lay around her neck; it had been a gift from someone that she used to know when she was a child. 

Gabriela could barely remember the little boy that had given it to her, it had been so long since she had seen Jacob Black and she moved to San Diego over sixteen years ago. 

Throwing back her blankets, Gabriela allowed her feet to touch the floor; she didn't wish to spend all morning in bed when she needed to get ready for her big day. 

Gabriela smiled to herself, she wrapped her dressing gown around her so that she could head downstairs to have breakfast; she would need to have a bath and everything was going to be perfect. 

Gabriela took a deep breath, she smiled a little sadly at one of the pictures on her mirror; she brushed her fingers against it for a moment before shaking her head. 

There was no point dwelling on the past, Gabriela was marrying Daniel and she was happy about that; she had been sure since the moment that she had met him.

Gabriela just regretted that there was going to be one person not at the wedding, the couple had lost a close friend only a few months ago and it had been a shock to the both of them. 

Gabriela walked out of her bedroom, she needed to have something to eat and make sure that everything was ready; she would hate for anything to go wrong on her big day.


Staring at herself in the mirror, Gabriela took a deep breath as she admired the white ball gown floor length beading sequins scoop lace wedding dress paired with white high heels that she was wearing. 

Gabriela couldn't believe how fast the day had come; she would be marrying her boyfriend of five years and she couldn't wait, it almost seemed like a dream to her. 

"You look so beautiful," Connie Wilson gushed staring at her daughter, she couldn't believe that today was the day and she was so happy for her little girl was going to get married. 

Gabriela turned around to face her mother, she was so nervous about today and she hoped that nothing would go wrong; she was so excited and she knew that she had chosen the right man. 

"My brother is such a lucky man," Emma Garcia mused smiling at her best friend and future sister-in-law, she couldn't believe that she was finally going to witness this wedding. 

Gabriela nodded her head, she peeked at herself in the mirror again her fancy elbow wedding bride veil with beadings decorate edge flowed down her back; she looked more than ready to marry Daniel. 

"Okay... ladies we need to get going," Michael Wilson said stepping into the room, he smiled at the sight of his only child and daughter dressed beautifully in her dress; he couldn't believe that he was going to be giving her away today. 

Connie smiled softly before she headed downstairs so that they could leave, she didn't want to delay and she was sure that they couldn't be late for the wedding. 

Emma paused looking at her best friend, there was one thing that they needed to do before they left for the church and it was best done now; she didn't want any messing around while at church. 

"One moment... take it off," Emma said signalling to the olive wood necklace with circles pendant that Gabriela was wearing, she had never seen her friend to it off.

Gabriela paused for a moment and looked at her best friend, she chewed on her lip knowing that Emma was right; she hadn't seen the boy that had given it to her since she was eight years old. 

"The necklace that you always wear... I'm not having you wear some other man's gift while marrying my big brother," Emma ordered moving to take it off, she knew that it meant a lot to Gabriela; for as long as they had known each other she had always worn it but it was time to leave it behind. 

Gabriela closed her eyes as she allowed Emma to remove her necklace, she felt so odd without it on and she knew that it was only for a day. 

Emma eyed the necklace for a moment before she put it on the dressing table; she honestly didn't know why Gabriela continued to wear it since she hadn't seen the boy that had given it to her in years. 

"Okay... now you look perfect," Emma said pleased, she smiled at Gabriela before leaving the room; she didn't want to slow them down any more than she already had. 

Gabriela peeked at herself in the mirror for one final time, she took a deep calming breath; she couldn't believe that this was it, she was finally getting married.


Gabriela chewed on her lip as she carefully climbed out of the Bentley MK VI, she hadn't originally wanted to get married in a church; however Daniel had told her that it would be the perfect place for them to wed and she had agreed in the end. 

Gabriela smoothed out her dress, she had never saw herself getting married in a church like this but if it made Daniel happy then that was all that mattered. 

"Are you ready?" Michael asked smiling at his daughter, he was a little sad that she was getting married; she was a little girl and he didn't want to let her go. 

Gabriela nodded her head, she smiled spotting her grandmother walking into the church; she felt a chill as Dorothy Wilson looked at her and glared before she headed inside. 

Gabriela took a deep breath, she recalled that her grandmother had been far from pleased when she had announced her engagement to Daniel; Dorothy didn't like him and didn't think that he was good enough for her. 

"Ready as I will ever be," Gabriela replied smiling, she looked up at the sky as it started to get dark like it was going to rain; she frowned a little surprised that it might rain especially since it was the middle of summer. 

Connie smiled watching her daughter for a moment before she headed into the church, she was so proud and she knew that everything would be fine. 

"Let's go and find out seats." Connie gushed smiling to her youngest daughter, Adriana who was stood beside her in her pretty dress; she was hopeful that one day it would be her wedding.

Gabriela slowly walked up the steps to the church with her father, she was so nervous about this but she knew that this was what she wanted. 

Gabriela's stomach twisted and turned as she stepped into the church, the wedding march started to play and she took her father's hand so that they could walk down the aisle. 

Gabriela smiled spotting Daniel waiting for her, she was going to spend the rest of her life with him and she couldn't waist. 

Daniel was the love of her life and she was more than ready to become his wife, Gabriela was sure of that and this was what she wanted. 

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