Broken and All Alone...or is he?

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A/N: hey! This is my first fanfiction I've written. officially. I hope you like it! Feedback is greatly appreciated!! Oh, and if you don't like Thorki, please don't read and then hate on it. Thanks guys!! xx-Payton


Loki looks up, eyelids heavy and swollen from his beating. Fresh, warm blood streams across his face.

A thick, repulsive gash continues to drain the sticky, red substance down his forehead, over his bruised cheekbones, running smoothly on his pale, thin lips, before dripping off of his chistled jawline.

Loki's once piercing green eyes now dull and hopeless. His signature mischievous smirk replaced with a mere frown of utter pain and resent; any previous trace of relent gone from him permanently.

He was broken. The god everyone feared was broken. Lost. Afraid. Insecure. Puny. All of these horrid thoughts clustered in Loki's mind as he closed his teary eyes.

"I deserve this. I deserve to die. I'm a monster. Let me die!!" The words claw their way out his dry throat as he yells. "KILL ME!!"

His thoughts race; memories of his childhood, his evil-doings, Mother Frigga, the All-Father....and Thor. Thor. Thor and his noblesse oblige.

You'll be a king. All mighty Thor!! 

Loki scoffs. What was he to the people? A monster? A freak? Just another stolen relic locked away until use was needed of him? He would never be worthy of kinghood.

His brother. The Mighty Thor. All the Asgardians loved him. Especially Odin, the All-Father.

Liar. He took you for his own good. Used you as a weapon. He claims he loves you. But he lied. They all lie. You are not loved. No one will ever love you.

Loki struggles to keep his eyes open. Searing pain courses throughout every limb of his torn up body. Just as he is about to give in, a deep voice echoes through Loki's cell.


"What have they done to you, Brother?!"

((to be continued...))

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